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Ethiopia Announced Plans To Build A $4 Billion Mega Airport

Ethiopia is now one of the fastest growing countries on the African continent, recently it made an announcement that it plans to build a $4 billion mega airport in its capital, Addis Ababa so that it can boost its tourism aswell as economy.

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This $4B airport will be one of Ethiopia’s most aspiring projects and one of the biggest airports in Africa, it is reportedly going to serve more than 120 million passengers every year.

Ethiopia is investing heavily!

The Ethiopian government is investing heavily in its aviation sector aiming to develop its tourism and economy sector aswell, currently there is an ongoing $350 million expansion of Bole International Airport located in Addis Ababa which is said will increase the capacity from 6 million to 22 million passengers per year by 2018.

The new airport will be set to have many passenger terminals, four runways and it will also consist of an airport city on the suburbs of the capital. Incase if this mega airport gets completed, Ethiopia’s annual foreign visitors will increase four times more.

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