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Seychelles capital, Victoria

Top 10 Richest Countries On The African Continent – 2015

African is one of the biggest continent in the world with 54 sovereign states, although it is also known as the poorest continent, but some of these states have the richest economies compaired to others basing on their Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) per capita.

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Below is the list of the top 10 richest countries in Africa.

(1) Seychelles – $25,229 ( GDP ) per capita:
Seychelles was ranked as number one richest country in Africa because of its highest gross domestic product per capital, its population is approximately 94,000. There is plenty of fishing and shipping opportunities, aswell as numerous best beaches in Africa, fantastic shopping resorts and hotels.

(2) Equatorial Guinea – $23,370 ( GDP ) per capita:
Equatorial Guinea was ranked the second richest country in Africa, however it has managed to maintain its low population which is just 736,296. This country is one of the largest oil producers on the African continent.

(3) Gabon – $20,612 ( GDP ) per capita:

Gabon's capital among the richest in Africa
Gabon was ranked the 3rd richest country in Africa though there is a decline in oil production these days but it has been among the top five oil producing countries on the African continent, because of that powerful resource, Gabon has managed to develop its education sector and many others.

(4) Botswana – $17,101 ( GDP ) per capita:
Botswana was ranked the 4th richest country in Africa because of its middle income economy, Diamond mining has strengthened the economy of Botswana aswell as tourism, financial services and farming sector.

(5) Mauritius – $16,100 ( GDP ) per capita:
Mauritius was ranked the 5th richest country in Africa depending on its tourism, financial services and information technology which is now booming the economy on a high speed therefore attracting many foreign investors.



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