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Google’s new update Chrome 45 focuses on Speed And Low Memory Usage

Google announced today that its popular browser Chrome has the latest version known as Chrome 45 which the company says it includes several updates that focus on the browser’s loading speed and reduces RAM usage or less memory.

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If you’re one of those that enjoy using Chrome, its time for you to delete the rest of the browsers from your head and resort to Chrome 45, you will love this the more because its simple, efficient and powerful, thanks to Google!

The company says Chrome 45 will reduce 10 percent on memory usage on average less than Gmail which is said to reduce about 25 percent. The new update of Chrome 45 is all about memory management.

The feature that pauses flash content on the website known as flash suspension feature has now been improved in chrome 45, the company says that now your battery will last for about 15 percent longer.

With chrome 45, the browser will monitor when the resource in your computer is running low, when it restores or stops restoring the tabs until you click to restore them yourself.

Tryout this new version of Chrome and see the difference.



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