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president Omar Al Bashir attending the African Union Summit in South Africa

ICC calls for SA to arrest Sudan’s president Omar Al-Bashir

The International Criminal Court ( ICC ) has called for South Africa to arrest Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, who arrived in Johannesburg on Saturday night purposely to attend the African Union summit which begins on Sunday.

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President Bashir is wanted by the ICC over the alleged crime against humanity and war crimes which they said to he has committed during the heavy fighting that took place in Darfur Southern Sudan way back in 2003, and of which South Africa is a signatory

The President of the court Mr Sidiki Kaba stated that he calls on South Africa, which has always presented to the fortifying of the Court to make sure it executes the arrest warrants against Sudan president.

The South African Litigation Centre ( SALC ) is asking Judge Huns Fabricius to execute two arrest warrants against president Omar Al Bashir.

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The high court in Pretoria granted an interim order stopping the president of Sudan, Omar Bashir  from leaving the republic of South Africa. President Omar Bashir was welcomed by Sudanese diplomats and SA officials, “said the South African Broadcasting Corporation ( SABC ).

Bashir has been travelling only to countries that don’t have a joint hand with the International Criminal Court since his indictment in 2009.

The United Nations said that over 300,000 people have been reportedly killed in Darfur region conflict and over 2.5 million people have fled from their homes due to the heavy fighting.

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