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15 Signs That Shows Your Relationship Will Last – No Matter What!

You are in love relationship, and he often gives you the feeling that he is the one for you. And yet, like every other couple,[2] you too go through rocky patches when fights and arguments seem endless. During these times, it’s only natural for you to feel troubled by thoughts of an unsteady future.[1]

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If you are wondering whether your relationship is going to last, here are 15 signs that’ll give you some clarity.

1. You two are super comfortable with each other

That does NOT mean all excitement has run out of your lives. On the contrary, it means that you are comfortable to talk about ANYTHING and everything, and try out new ways of keeping the excitement alive![4]

2. And love those silent moments together

Whether you’ve been together long enough to know the other’s history or not, silences are never awkward for you two. You don’t feel the need to fill every moment spent together with words. Instead, you feel most relaxed in those quiet periods with each other.[3]

3. The past is truly in the past

You both have gone through the stage of baring yourself to the other. The past haunts you no more, and mistakes made in the past don’t make their way into your present-day conflicts.

4. The future holds some surety

Your five-year plans figure around each other, and you often picture yourself sharing a life together.[1] You may not have necessarily decided upon getting married, but it’s a thing you two frequently refer to.

5. Those fights and arguments are not the kind that can’t be resolved

In fact, arguments make way for a healthy relationship IF both sides get to have an equal say in it. Plus, both sides get to vent out their share, which always helps clear the air.[2] And of course, there is nothing like make-up sex after a good fight! :p

6. You are one half of the BEST team possible

You two are a team, and yet being in this relationship doesn’t take your individuality away. You both get to keep your space and independence, along with being a support to the other. For instance, his dreams do not become yours, because you have your own share of them, but now he gets to share and nurture them with you. And so do you![5]

7. Most people in both your lives know about your relationship

Friends, family or colleagues – neither of you shy away from making your relationship status public knowledge. Both of you are proud of being a part of each other’s life, and chances are that most people in your life already know of your relationship.

8. You can ALWAYS count on each other

You two are best friends first and always count on the other person to be by your side in every happy and not-so-happy moment.[4]

9. You do things for each other that you’d be too lazy to do for yourself

You generally might skip breakfast while running to office, but you wouldn’t want him to run on an empty belly too. So, you might actually take on the task of preparing (and packing) breakfast for him.[2] He is special to you and you are to him, and those little actions you do for each other speak volumes!

10. You understand each other inside out

It’s not so much about knowing the other person as it’s about understanding them. You understand how your partner works, what gets him in the mood and what snaps him out of it. And the best part is – you actually know how to deal with him while he goes through all those mood swings![1]

11. The trust is complete

This is just imperative.[6] You need to have complete faith and trust in each other, otherwise your relationship WILL break into pieces due to insecurities.

12. You two frequently mention the other in random conversations

You’re always referring to something that he did, or something that happened when you were out with him, in random conversations you have with your friends. It’s just that you two are so much a part of each other’s lives that not many incidents can pass without mentioning the other.[4]

13. You two miss “something” when you are not together

Even though you two spend a lot of time together, you still miss his presence when he’s not around.[1] You two have completely become a part of each other’s life, and not being together just gives you the feeling that “something” is missing.

14. Your partner’s weaknesses don’t feel like a burden

Love is not just about laughing together in happy moments, but being there for the other person in difficult times too. It’s about not leaving each other’s side,[3] come what may – without feeling troubled due to his difficulties.

15. Commitment and sacrifice don’t sound like heavy words to you

You two have taken on more roles than just being lovers to each other. You two are best friends, while being each other’s biggest critics, which is why you find that commitment comes very easy to you,[1] because honestly, you can’t think of spending your life with any other person but them. Also, if need be, you know neither of you would think twice before making sacrifices for the other.[3]

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