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budget of 32 trillion approved

MPS Approved Shs 32 Trillion for 2018/2019 Budget

The parliament of Uganda passed the National Budget for the financial year 2018/2019  which is over 32 trillion Uganda shillings.

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In the upcoming budget, nine new tax bills have been passed by parliament to increase the tax base in the country.

The economic growth is expected to grow at 4.6%.

According to Chairperson of the Budget committee Amos Lugolobi the public debt is expected to increase by 36%.

Amos also revealed that the parliament had refused salary increase for primary science teachers claiming it would bring about discrimination.

Now the MPs said that the Shs 98B that was to be used for salary increment should be sent to other sectors but 18B Shs of the 98B  should be used to recruit other 2000 science teachers.

The national budget for the next financial year 2018/2019 kicks off on the 1st of July 2018.

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