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Must I Be Your Slave Because You Helped Me?

Must I Be Your Slave Because You Helped Me?

Most people in Africa have a very wrong approach after they have helped others. Receiving aid from a fellow African ends up being a curse. Not all Africans are like that but the majority falls under the same bracket.

If a relative or a friend helps you, you must know that they regard you owing them your life. They will demand favours to an extent that you wish it was better they didn’t helped in the first place.

Have you ever been in a situation where the person who once helped you is demanding a huge favor and press down for you to do it because he/she claims to have helped you sometime in your life. That is not true love.

You reach to a point where you can’t breath, laugh or freely express yourself in the presence of your helper only because the person feels entitled to your life.

I have witnessed people being abused and they don’t complain only because they were once helped. That is not how it should be.

Be bold enough to say “Stop” you would rather take your help and return my freedom.

There are people who always come back to me and try to be extra nice after I helped them. I believe they wonder why I seem ignorant. Neither do I believe in hero worshiping. I don’t keep record of the people I help because I don’t make a follow up of those who receive my help unless if it is so necessary to do so.

People are afraid to ask for help because they don’t want to surrender their freedom to the helper. Some people would rather suffer in silence because they know once I receive help, I will owe my helper for the rest of my life.

What you must do;

I want to give a good advice today, if you don’t want to block your blessing after giving, please don’t keep a record of those who you give. Just give and move on. Don’t keep reminding those who you give that you have helped them. The God in heaven sees and keeps the record on your behalf.

The fact is those you give may easily forget, yes they do forget and it’s not a crime. That’s the nature of life. It’s not a must that they should remember and keep thanking you for the rest of their lives that you once gave them something.

I have people I help with paying school fees, my beliefs are that after they graduate, they will get a job and become self dependent, but even when working, the person will still look up for further help from you. Yes that’s the nature of a human being. Don’t be surprised.

But all what I am saying is that, those who have privilege to help someone in life, please know that the recipient doesn’t owes you a thing. It is your will to help.

Look how people treat relatives or those they help and stays with in their homes. Sometimes you wish to stay in the streets.

My big question is why being rude if you have offered someone shelter.

By B. Marambire

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