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How My Friend’s Behavior And Attitude Changed When He Got Money

How My Friend’s Behavior And Attitude Changed When He Got Money

I have met different characteristics of people in life who behave differently when they get some money in their pockets. Their behavior changes immediately.

I had a person that I knew in the past. He was not a friend but we used to socialize. He had absolutely nothing. He was living a very poor life. He would come to my business when I am free and talk about life issues in general. He could come for advice and I would speak to him and share ideas.

At one point in his home, they discovered alluvial gold. It was a big surprise. This guy didn’t have anything, even a bicycle before. Now all of a sudden he started to mine the gold and get something like 2 kgs of gold per day. That was plus or minus $90 000.00 per day.

The mining continues for months he suddenly became rich as the generated millions and millions of dollars.

At first he would come to me for advice and I was giving him proper advice. He invited me to mine the gold also but due to my history with the gold mining, I was not interested. Instead I was giving him advice on how he can invest his money or start a good business. I don’t know who hijacked him and told him to stay away from me because he was told Marambire will robe you all your money, something that immediately stopped him from coming to me for advice.

He stopped picking my calls

He even stopped picking my calls and he started buying cars. He bought more than 14 cars. Fency cars he hired a driver and security guards.

One thing I applaud him for is the business he gave to us. He purchased building materials from my shop and most of the people who worked at his mine did the same.

After some time about 6 months, the alluvial gold get finished and the mining stopped. The revenue stopped coming and he started selling his assets.

Just a year later this man had nothing, all cars were sold, cattle he had bought were sold. Some of the houses he was building have been left unfinished. He is now walking on foot and back to his old life.

He is now able to come to me and have our normal chats like before.

One day he told me something that made me feel so sorry for him. He calls me Mr Barmlo. He said Mr Barmlo, you know I feel like I was dreaming. Having lots of money, millions for that matter just less than a year and now I am back to where I was a year ago.

He said people think that I used juju “rituals” to get that money but i was just lucky. He said only if I had listened to you. Now all the people pretended to be my close friends when I had money have left me. He said I don’t know if I will ever get that kind of luck ever again.

This is a true story that happened and many people witnessed it.

Now what lesson have you learned from this story? , money can change your behavior and character. With money you have many friends and people pretending to love you but once the money is finished, you are on your own.

I have a privilege to handle thousands and thousands of money. You will never tell difference whether I have money or I am broke.

My character, mood and behavior is never influenced by money. I learned to be calm and always think sober whether with money or without it.

I always want my friends to correct me if am wrong

In my life, the people I interact with can’t tell me if I am wrong, they can’t criticize me. It seems as if all that I do is right. I enjoy interacting with people on Facebook because I get really tough criticism because most people on Facebook don’t know me personally. So they don’t care who I am. But those who know me in person try to soft rebuke me or choose to keep quiet even if they see that I am wrong.

This kind of fellowship is wrong. It misleads. I can never be a great person if my immediate friends are not correcting me.

It takes wisdom to remain calm and kind when you are rich. It takes guidance from the Word of God not to go astray.

I use the Bible to measure my life standards because man can deceive you.

Never measure your value in life with the money that you have, rather measure it with the contribution that you are giving to mankind and those around you.

The best way to behave when you have money is to pretend as if you have nothing. Regard yourself like a poor person. That way you will be able to approach life with a sober mind.

Don’t allow wealth to corrupt your mind and loose sense of humor.

Be careful with those who over praise you. Not every praise worth to be entertained. No your values and live your life with integrity.

Yes with money you can get everything in life but the question is, is everything in life gives you true and genuine happiness, true and genuine peace.

But at the end of the day, live your life to the fullest, we only live once.

By B. Marambire

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