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Pope Criticises West For Trying To Export Own Brand of Democracy to Africa


Pope Francis criticized Western powers for trying to export their own brand of democracy to countries such as Iraq and Libya without respecting indigenous political cultures, according to an interview published on Monday.[9] Check Also: Some Africans are lazy fools, they’re only good at eating, love making and thuggery, said Donald Trump.” Speaking to France’s Roman Catholic newspaper,[2] La Croix, Francis ...

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More Oil Discovered In Kenya Than thought

oil in kenya

A Canadian oil company with a focus on Africa said an independent survey of its holdings in Kenya led it to increase its reserve estimate by 24 percent.[9] Check also: Singapore Advises Uganda To Forget Oil, Concentrate On Agriculture Africa Oil Corp., which has its headquarters in Vancouver,[4] said an independent review of its reserves in the South Lokichar basin ...

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Kenya Has Begun Building A $13 Billion Railway Project

kenya railway

Kenya’s new railway so far, a new railway is being built in Kenya,[3] the first section will connect seaside city Mombasa to Naivasha. This initial section of the railway should be completed by 2017, but its part of a much wider project that will eventually link Mombasa with other major east African cities such as Kampala in Uganda.[9] Check also: ...

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Ugandan Government Blocks Access To social Media Ahead Of Museveni’s Swearing In

uganda blockc access to FB

It seems the Ugandan government doesn’t want people talking about its election or its once and future president certainly not online especially using social media such as facebook, twitter and whatsApp and thats why it blocked access to them.[9] Check also: Ugandan Government Shuts Down Social Media Ahead Of Elections The nation’s government blocked access to Facebook,[4] Twitter and WhatsApp ...

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Michel Temer Becomes Brazil’s New Interim President

Michel Temer

Michel Temer called for trust after being the new leader of Brazil and he said, “Trust in the values of our people and in our ability to rebuild the economy,”.[9] Check also:Angola, Japan To Build The 1st Africa-South America Undersea Fiber Optic Cable He has named a business-friendly cabinet that includes respected former central bank chief Henrique Meirelles as finance ...

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