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10 ways to ensure a permanent relationship (make it last longer)

love you more in relationship

Everyone gets into a relationship at some given point in time. We all wish to marry the people we fall in love with. But out of 10 percent, 2 percent get to marry at their first or second try at love. The other 8 percent  get to fall in and out of love hopelessly for an extended period of time. ...

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Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life To Prosper Forever

Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life To Prosper Forever

In most cases, people don’t mind about which type of friends to associate with. Some are deceived with what they tell them but regret afterwards as time goes on. Indeed all that can perish if you follow these alerting steps. Check also: Fik Fameica, Gravity and Fefe Bussi Sing Childish Songs-Kamenyo Reveals It is always better to look for responsible friends ...

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5 Things That Indicate He Likes You Only As Friend

Friend he likes you as one

Men seem to assume that the friend zone is a kingdom they’ve claimed as their own since, apparently, women do not face the same problems in love as they do. But, the sad truth is that we have, all of us, at least once in our lives, been friendzoned by someone, or the other. And the problem is, sometimes we ...

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