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DR Congo

The Top 10 Poorest Countries In Africa – 2015

Its well known that Africa is among the largest continents in the world with 54 recognized countries. African is regarded as the poorest and under-developed continent in the world, approximately 36% of Africans survive on less than 1$ in a single day, however, there are some developed countries with good and wealthy economy in this continent.

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The list below shows the total market value of goods and services produced by national economy or gross domestic product ( GDP ) per capita in each country.

 This list includes Africa’s poorest countries.

1). Democratic Republic of Congo – GDP per capita: $394.25

Democratic Republic of Congo was originally known as Zaire until 1997, it is the third largest country in Africa with the total land area of about 2,344,858sqkm and a population of about 78 million people, DR Congo is also a war torn country, the war begun in 1998 were 5.4 million people lost their lives including civilians. DR Congo faces other problems like, high rate of corruption and poor governance, deforestation, excessive poaching, excessive mining, lack of law enforcement agencies and environmental protection, over population in big cities like Kinshasa, lack of clean drinking water aswell as for domestic use, seasonal floods, periodic droughts and volcanic eruptions.

2). Zimbabwe – GDP per capita: $589.46

harare poorest

Despite being with many educated people, Zimbabwe is the second poorest country in Africa, the unemployment rate is about 92% including underemployment. Zimbabwe is also facing a problem HIV / AIDS wereby over 1 million people live with the virus today, poor leadership and corruption remains a problem in the country, despite the high literacy rate, very many people graduate from different schools with degrees and more degrees but unable to get jobs to earn a better living.

3). Burundi – GDP per capita: $648.58

Burundi is a small landlocked country located in the East Central Africa, the country’s common export revenues come from selling coffee. 80% of Burundians faces a problem of extreme poverty, poor economy and education system, 57% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition, environmental problem such as rampant deforestation, apart from HIV / AIDS which is 1.3%, the deadly malaria, dengue fever, typhoid fever, protozoal and bacterial diarrhea, rabies and hepatitis A continue to destroy many lives in Burundi.

4). Liberia – GDP per capita: $716.04

Monrovia poorest

Liberia is a west African country which was founded mostly by freed slaves from America ( The Americo Liberians ), it’s a war torn area, the country’s economy depends mostly on foreign assistance. Liberia faces a problem of Malaria and the deadly Ebola which continues to threaten many lives in the country today, it also faces environmental problems such as pollution of coastal waters which comes from industries and sewage aswell as rampant deforestation of tropical rain forest. Over 85% of the population survive on less than $1 per day.

5). Eritrea – GDP per capita: $792.13

Eritrea is small African country rich in culture, history and natural resources, but it remains among the poorest countries, the country’s economy depends mostly on taxes paid by members of the diaspora. Eritrea faces a problem of poor education , violence and paranoia.

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