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Donald Trump To Consider Opening U.S Embassy in North Korea

The president of the United States is willing to open a US embassy in Pyongyang and also to establish an official relations with North Korea. All this will depend on what will be agreed upon especially Denuclearization.

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Denuclearization is one of the important topics that will be discussed at the summit.

If all goes well at the summit, both the United States and North Korea will start working together officially and this will also involve opening up a U.S embassy in Pyongyang.

Donald Trump promised to make it a point not to oppose any ideas brought forth in the summit, according to one of the sources.

The officials in North Korea have been extremely incompatible in the pre-meetings and this has given them a hard time getting idea how the discussions might go.

President of the United States (PUTUS ) is ready to consider any idea brought by any one incase if it concerns denuclearization which is verifiable and irreversible.

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