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Switching TV back to analogue should not be – court says

On 2 July, Mengo court Grade one Magistrate Moses Ntende Kagoda issued a mean time order directing Uganda Communication Commision (UCC) to switch back to analogue until the main application filled by Mr. Mugabi is determined .

I decided to move to court after I was annoyed by the UCC move from analogue to digital signal transmission and yet I enjoyed the old signal transmission than the new digital that is paid for through subscription” Mr. Mugabe said.

Although all the above was done, Mengo chief Magistrates court has over turned its earlier orders directing Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to switch back to the old analogue T. V signal transmission from the new digital signal transmission.

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Ms. Jeneva Natukunda principle magistrate grade one in her ruling on Tuesday said “I find that court has no authority to please the application MA number 465/2015 and grant orders there in. I hereby exercise my powers under section 98 of CPA and set aside all orders granted in MA number 465/2015 on July 2, this year. I have already found that even the main suit cannot be heard by this court because it (court) has no authority to handle it,.”

Therefore court has no authority to please the application filled by city Lawyer Enoth Mugabi to order UCC to switch back to analogue.

Her ruling came after UCC filled an application to vary the earlier orders and also set aside the main application. Despite of the ruling, UCC has appealed to the same court challenging its earlier order.

On Monday broad casters were warned by the current director of UCC Fred Otunnu against switching back to analogue saying they will be penalized.

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