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Highlights On The Recent Major Update Of PHP 7 Revolution

PHP 7 has been released this December 2015 as the 7th major update in the server-side programming language that powers over 200 million websites world wide which is about 81.7 percent of public websites on the server side, and it is the fourth most popular programming language in the world, according to Github.

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PHP 7 has been regarded as the major update to the language since the release of PHP 5.0 way back in 2004, it has massively improved performance were by its now three times faster than the current PHP 5.6 that runs on software platforms like wordpress and because of that, many web developers are hoping to upgrade very soon.

PHP 7 has been coded very well!

Its has significantly reduced memory resource on machines and it has made changes such as removal of PHP safe mode alongside magic quotes and some reserved keywords.

This new language update may require some software platforms like wordpress to be re-engineered abit for full compatibility, however it will definitely take a numbers years for PHP 7 to be adopted to servers and websites world wide.

You can download PHP 7 right here, incase you need help with the available language migration manual guide, click here and extensive changelog click here.

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