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Why Successful People Fail To Keep Childhood Friends And Colleagues

Why Successful People Fail To Keep Childhood Friends And Colleagues

I was engaged in a conversation with a young man who asked me why successful people no longer want to associate with their childhood Friends and colleagues. This is led by a number of factors. When people grow up, interest changes.

I will not agree with a person who looks down upon his or her childhood friends and colleagues.

If one is successful, it becomes difficult to keep the same old circle of friends. Interest becomes different. Issues to talk about become different. Even time management becomes different. One might become busier than other.

I tried to remain low in order to engage with my childhood friends and colleagues, but the efforts died naturally.

I can’t afford a phone call conversation where you say to each other ” hello, ndeipi, zviri sei , uri kudi, zvakamira sei, wadii chibaba” spend almost first minute of the call on greetings.

My calls are hello and straight to the point. I’m not going around having a conversation of greeting. It’s very rare to call and find my number available 90%, it’s engaged in a call.

You may call, and I am in a meeting, then I promise to call back. Unfortunately, the day became busy, and I forgot. It will be regarded as if I don’t care anymore.

Most of the conversation will end up with the person asking for money. You start the conversation very well, and before you hang up or say goodbye, the person will say ”aaah siya something ndimbotsvaka hwahwa.

Giving money is not a problem, but sometimes I would surely have nothing to give that day. The person will be very disappointed and assume that you just refused to give them money.

If you try to share genuine problems that you are facing in life, they will think it’s pride. One day I tried to share my challenges with my childhood friend, and it turned out as if I was trying to show off.

I had just returned from Ghana and immediately travelled to South Africa and the same time I had booked for a holiday trip with my family, so I genuinely shared my program with him. He said to me,” aaaah mungatonetseka nekukwira ndege ” you want to tell me that you’re stressed about flying?”

It felt improper. Several situations will not make sense to certain people of certain level. So trying to balance and not to offend your colleagues, the connection will naturally die.

It seems the other party will easily get offended and pass remarks such as “wava nemari ka isu hauchatione” you have money, so you no longer consider us.

They put it in a way that you are probably the reason why they don’t have money. At the end of the day that relationship will naturally die on its.

I would really love to associate with my childhood friends and colleagues because with them we share good memories that will never fade, unfortunately it will remain difficult just because different class and circumstances. But it would be good to remain in touch.

By Dr Marambire

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