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Why You Are Not Sleeping Well

Why You Are Not Sleeping Well

Many people around the world have the problem of poor sleep. Are you one of the many who struggle to stay or fall asleep? If it’s a struggle to fall asleep each night, it may be because of various factors. Depending on what they are, you may need to do some things and avoid others if you want to get a good night’s sleep. For instance, signs like irritability, daytime fatigue, moodiness, waking up more than once at night, among others, mean you are not getting the quality and quantity of sleep required. Below are some of the reasons you are not sleeping well.

Poor sleep habits 

If you are facing any sleep problems. It comes from poor sleep time routines. This can be playing with your phone before bed, drinking excess liquids at night, and other things that are too much stimulation at night. So if your sleep habits are the reason you are not sleeping well, then you can practice some things to help. For example, create a relaxing bedtime routine, avoiding working in your bedroom, and setting that space for sleep. Thus, ensure that you keep your room dark by shutting out the light with block out curtains and switching of electronics, among other things.

A sleep disorder 

Sometimes a sleep disorder could be the culprit as to why you are not sleeping well. There are several sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome, insomnia, sleep apnea, and others that most people do not even know that they have or are under diagnosed. Plus, you can have your sleep number essentials right, and your bedroom setting is calming and cozy, but you are not sleeping well because you have a sleep disorder. In such a case, you can visit a sleep specialist who can guide you further on how you can sleep better at night.

Issues with room temperature 

How does your sleeping space affect your sleep? The room temperature of your room can affect the amount of shut-eye that you get. Therefore, sleeping in a room that is too cold or too warm is a serious sleep disruptor. So to sleep well, you should have your temperature at an optimal level. Notably, your body temperature as you sleep drops, and to aid in falling asleep, you lower the room temperature. Also, check how you sleep. If you sleep with heavy bedding and pajamas, it is best to lower the thermostat setting and vice versa.

Alcohol before bedtime 

Many people believe that alcohol leads them to sleep fast. Unfortunately, it impairs the sleep cycle and disrupts the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Either you take moderate or excess alcohol. As long as it is in your system, it takes a toll on your ability to sleep well. Plus, it affects how rested you will be feeling the next day. So you can stop the consumption of alcohol or restrict the consumption to at least three drinks a week to help you get more rest.

Too much stress 

People with stress and worries rarely sleep well. They struggle to fall asleep every night even when they can do nothing about it as it affects them mentally. Where worry and stress keep you up all night, it is best to try some relaxation techniques that will lure you to sleep easily. For instance, you can try out the progressive muscle relation technique that is an effective way to treat insomnia. If this does not help you, talk to your doctor to get more information on therapy programs that can be helpful.

To conclude, sleep plays an important role in both mental and physical health. So, every night you must be able to sleep well whereby you get restorative sleep. Therefore, if you are struggling to get some sleep almost every day. The above pointers will help you try things differently. Importantly, you can talk to your doctor if you are still struggling with sleep. Doctors can help tell if it’s about stress and anxiety issues, an underlying sleep disorder, or a different medical condition that is causing you not to sleep well. So once you get the right diagnosis, you will be in a position to sleep better.

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