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YouTube Music Finally Launches Music App For Android And iOS

YouTube has finally launched YouTube music today, a new app allows users to specifically discover music on the video-sharing website and play in a different interface, it can still play music from similar artists continuously even when the screen is switched off.

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The video streaming giant has nearly one billion monthly users and Google has paid billions of money to this record industry in order to help different artists to promote and boost their songs, therefore, today they have unveiled a new app which will do all that.

Whether you hit play on a specific song or on the artist page in the app, the music will continuously play and you can also save songs for listening when you’re offline.

Incase if you’re a subscriber of YouTube red, the ads will not be included in your YouTube music app, however, you will have the ability to listen to music offline, switch from video to audio etc. All YouTube users will be given an offer of 14 day trial.
The YouTube Red Service will have lots of features and some of which you cant get in other music streaming services like Spotify, it will only cost $9.99 per month .You can simply download YouTube Music directly from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.



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