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Strive Masiyiwa with Bill Gates and Dr Paul Farmer at a Forbes event

4 Ways To Find Partners That Will Support Your Business

The key to finding partners is to be constantly looking for ways to deepen relationships with people who make your business a success, according to Strive Masiyiwa.[9]

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Here are some examples:

1). Partner with customers:

Every business has certain customers on which it depends more than others.[2] Always try and reach out to the customers who are key to your business, and try to develop partnerships with them that are mutually beneficial.

2). Partner with Suppliers:

Once you have been buying things from the same supplier, try and get to know the owner of that business.[4] Make them understand how much you buy, and how loyal you are to them. Build trust which will help you out on a rainy day.

3). Partner with Advisors:

develop an ongoing relationship with key advisors such as lawyers, and accountants, and people like ad agencies, with time you can invite them to become your partners in business.

4). Partner with lenders:

your relationship with a bank must be based on a partnership.[7] This means you must work hard to know and be known by key people at the bank where you bank.

Partnership is not just about people with whom you own or run a business. It is about people with whom your relationship is not merely “transactional”. It is a relationship in which you are actively working to promote each other’s interests.

Sit down this weekend, and draw up a list from each of the categories i have given you above. Now go and see those people, and begin to build your partnership relationship!

You can also read this wonderful article for Strive Masiyiwa.

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