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Tucheze international
A team of Tucheze international giving out sports wear to the community

How Footballers In Africa Benefit From Tucheze International

Tucheze international formally called trikots for Uganda is a Sports for development Charity registered in the Netherlands,  aiming at improving the lives of young people through sports for development activities mainly by collecting, distributing sportswear kits and organizing tournaments to needy communities. [3]Since 2005, the organization has equipped up to 320 teams with 320 full sets of jerseys mainly in Uganda, a few in Kenya and one sports Academy in Rwanda.[9]

Tucheze International also focused to use other ways to reach young people who may not be in sports, but are vulnerable and needy through programs like, life skills development, modern farming techniques, vocational education, mental health etc. [2]This time round the founder of Tucheze International  GODFREY TEBANDEKE alongside a number of volunteers including social workers, professional footballers,coaches, Medical and security personnel help to organize this sports tournament which includes both football and netball. Participants also include children and youth both female and male.[6]

Tucheze international

Tucheze International events attracts an overwhelming number of participants from different areas in Kampala.

The gala attracts an whelming number of over 50 teams from all over Uganda where 840 young people play together and interact.[4] In total 45 full jerseys and 55 balls were donated to these teams, this was our major objective and we achieved it. second tournament was held at the Tucheze International Uganda terminal  in Kimwanyi  Bamunanika on 28th. January 2017

Young people from all over the country come in to play football and netball mainly for fun. • All volunteers and chairpersons are always supportive to each other and to the participant through the sports tournament which make it easy to coordinate. • We manage to finish on time .

Media houses such as BUKEDDE TV, SK13 SPORTS PROMOTIONS, ‘DE STENTOR‘  and radio stations attended the event so we managed to get national coverage.[12] The chairperson creatively provided drinking water throughout the gala to keep hydrated through the hot day and some snacks were also provided to participants and organizers using a very small budget, we thank him so much.

Tucheze International is committed to keep providing sports Equipment to the needy communities of Uganda and other countries where a need and an opportunity for Tucheze International to get involved may arise.[2] Therefore the communities, academies, worship institutions etc. that didn’t benefit in this sports tournament will be invited to the next tournament soon.

Tucheze international appreciates all financial donors for example Oranje Fonds who are some of europe’s largest funders for social initiatives.[1]


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