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Obama and Kenyatta at the press conference

You will not impose same sex marriage in Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta tells Barack Obama

We need to be straight-forward about this same sex marriage issue” says Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta in response to the American president Barack Obama’s statement which says that Kenya must comply with the same values as the United States concerning gay rights issues.

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While at the press conference, Kenyatta immediately turned down Obama’s suggestion to impose same-sex marriage in Kenya, our society and culture do not accept, it’s totally against our belief.

Kenyatta was clear about same sex marriage issue!

As a matter of fact Kenya and US share a number of values including, entrepreneurship, democracy, family etc, but there are things that we cannot share and those are things that our society and culture doesn’t accept, it’s also not a priority in the minds of Kenyans, said Kenyatta.”

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Watch the video below and hear what Kenyatta and Obama said about Gay rights issues.

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