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Microsoft is downloading 6GB Of Installation Files to your Computer Automatically

You might have not realized that the hard drive on your PC is now confined earlier and that could have been Microsoft ’s Windows 10 automatic downloading of installation files between 3.5GB to 6GB.

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Some of you that managed to install Windows 10 might have complained about a huge folder named “ $Windows.~BT “ taking a lot of space on your system where by each time you try to boot up your PC, the updates always install Windows 10 automatically.

Microsoft could fix this issue!

Its quite annoying because all that happens without notifying people, besides automatic downloads consuming storage space, but it also consumes a huge bite from the user’s internet data and bandwidth.

The technology giant should know that some users who don’t have enough space on your systems or have un upgradable devices / software that’s not compatible with the new operating system wont be able to download huge update for Windows 10 however much they need it, they might chose to remain on their existing versions.

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