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MPs React To State Of The Nation Address

Gilbert Olanya, MP Kilak South Amuru District

I expected him to talk about the health and education sectors which are collapsing but he is instead talking of giving youth in Kalerwe and Nakawa, machines. Are those technical schools to train thousands of unskilled youth?

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Simon Oyet, MP Nwoya County FDC

This is repetition of the usual address for the all these years. He is claiming that we have comparative advantage to export cooking oil and coffee yet he has not mentioned anything about our agriculture.

Cecilia Ogwal, Dokolo Woman MP

That was just a chat, he has not done accountability for what has been done for in the last one year

Joshua Agwara Kata, Padyere MP

This is the same rhetoric and drama that has been going on for the last six year. He has only edited the ten bottlenecks he has been singing about for all those years. He has not accounted for what was budgeted in the last financial year.

Joseph Gonzaga Sewungu, Kalungu MP

I am happy that the President talked about what I expected him to say after dodging to talk about the failing health, education and agricultural system. He did not mention anything about improving the skills of youth.

Judith Nabakooba, Mityana Woman MP

It is a promising budget especially given that the president has listed the security measures he has put in place for Police and UPDF. It is quite reassuring.

Ismail Orot, Kanyumu County MP

It is clear that the president is beginning to reason the way leaders of Malaysia, China and Singapore reasoned 30 years ago the same time he has been in power because for a country to move to where it wants, it requires a leader with such a mindset.

Atuhaire Jacklet, Sheema District MP

It is the usual speech only that it has been slightly edited and polished. He has not answered the nation about the state of the nation.

Persis Namuganza, State Minister for lands

He has addressed the issues of security, he commented about the spate of murders across the country and the technical support he is going to offer the police to fight crime. I support his address.

Source: Daily Monitor.

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