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Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg

World’s Tech Leaders To Invest In Clean Energy Tech

Several powerful leaders in tech industry such as Bill Gates ( Microsoft’s Co-founder ), Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook Co-founder ), Jack Ma ( Alibaba Co-founder ), Richard Branson ( Virgin group Co-founder ), Jeff Bezos ( Amazon Co-founder ) and many others have all teamed up in order to invest in technologies that will bring reliable and affordable clean energy to the planet earth.

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All the above tech leaders will be working with all countries that are dedicated to developing zero emissions energy solutions and they will put their investment in sectors like energy system efficiency, electricity generation, agriculture, transportation and storage.

Research in energy tech projects is usually funded by government, but the investment put in is not enough.

The clean energy announcement occurred nearly the same time with the United Nations Climate Control Conference which starts in Paris, France this week where 20 countries will participate and discuss about how they will double their energy research investments in the next few years.

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