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New Apple watch built - in fitness tracker

Apple’s new Apple Watch ads spotlight focuses on personal, travel, fitness and connections

Apple has released four new Apple Watch ads that simply focus on using the watch for fitness, travelling, and how the watch can unite different people together.

Berlin and Bejing are the two Apple watch ads that can help travelers to use their Apple Watches in order to discover their way to new cities and to experience the world around them, its quite different from other devices like ipads and iphones ads. Both Beijing and Berlin Apple watch ads can help users to locate places such as Restaurants and converting different currencies.

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Another ad feature is known as “ closer “ which is all about connecting families and your loved ones together, the watch can help you to send messages and emoji right from your wrist, it can also allow you to spend more time with your family like playing games with your kid and making phone calls.

The final and surprising built in – Apple watch ad is known as “ Goal “,

This focuses on your goals, tracking your fitness, checking your runs and to checking your diet. Apple has developed alot of sophiscated electronics which are original and durable, everyone would like like to own Apple gadget but the problem is the price.

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