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Posted by LUKWAGO. J: He's a writer, editor, blogger, affiliate and a web developer, he loves thinking creatively and finding new ways to implement different programming ideas.

30 Universal Declaration of Human Rights that you need to enjoy and protect – according to Amnesty international

human rights

Remember you’re the citizen of the world and its like you’ve signed up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( UDHR ), being a global citizen affirms their conviction that every human being has rights, regardless of their colour, race, creed, religion, sex, National, origin, sexual orientation, disability or age, h/she recognizes that each citizen everywhere has the duty ...

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Opera obtains Bemobi, a Netflix for premium subscription Service for mobile Apps


Opera has made an announcement today that it has obtained Bemobi, ANetflit subscription service aiming Latin American market and the company expects to close its acquisition towards the end of year 2015. Check also: Microsoft explorer has officially changed to Microsoft Edge The browser company describes Bemobi as an important subscription service for mobile App, Bemobi which said it currently ...

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Another American citizen suspected of illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe

American killed this

The second American citzen known as Jan Casmir Sieski, a residence of Murrysville, Pennsylvania who illegally killed a lion in Zimbabwe is being looked for by Zimbabwean officials. In April, Jan illegally involved himself in hunting near Hwange National Park, reports say that he used similar hunting weapons such as bow and arrow which the other American dentist Walter Palmer ...

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Pierre Nkurunziza’s General Has Been Killed

Nkurunziza's General

The Burundian top general Adolphe Nshimirimana has been killed in the capital Bujumbura today on Sunday in an ambush while in his car, he has been Nkurunziza’s trusted general, he was also a key player and a master-mind during the recent protests against the president’s third term bid aswell as cracking down coup attempts. Check also: President pierre nkurunziza wins ...

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