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Men Live Longer If They Marry This Type of Woman

men and woman

According to a 1997 poll from The Journal of Personality, the top 3 desirable traits are reliability,[9] warmth and fairness. What do men look for in a potential partner? Check also: 10 Problems Even The Happiest Couples Always Face Guys, those are all fantastic, important traits,[7] but we might want to re-jig that priority list a little more in light ...

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8 Ways To Silently Seduce A Woman

8 ways to make a woman fall for you

Well, it’s really had to talk to a stranger in a good ways especially the women that hang out and are not used to meet new faces that appear to them for the first time which makes it hard for most of the guys to make there first move.[9] Check also: 13 Signs That Shows You And Him Are Perfectly ...

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Uganda’s Top 20 Fashion Designers

Fashion industry in Uganda has not been the best in the past but it is slowly improving and getting into a big thing.[9] Check Also: 8 eye catchy bags from the New York fashi 🙂 n week This is because some of our women have not sat back to leave the industry stagnant, [5]they have stood and raised the bar high ...

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