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Are We Contributing to the Mental Health Crisis? 

Mental health has become a serious problem globally. It is not just in the U.S. For the longest time, most individuals have been reluctant to talk about mental illness, but with time, people are learning to open up more about the issue.

However, it could be that with everyone talking about this topic and even the stories being shared on media platforms, we are contributing to the mental health crisis. People are unknowingly contributing to mental illnesses rather than fighting the issue and a range of ways including;

Mental illness stigma

To date, people have a negative view of mental illness. It has come to a point where people with mental health are stigmatized and isolated in communities, and media is making it even worse. This makes the patients start to doubt their worth, and rather than making the situation better; it makes it worse.People with mental illnesses are supposed to be treated with love and care to help them overcome whatever hard situation they could be going through. That is something that we are entirely missing.

Poor mental health care systems

Mental health is one of the most overlooked aspects, and with this; even the authorities are yet to put up the requirements for quality mental care. As much as patients want to seek professional help, they still do not get the results they need.

Limited alternative mental health care

As much as there are no quality mental health care resources, people are yet to get other practical alternatives like E-counseling that can help them get the results they need at an affordable price. It is even worse that some states do not allow online therapy, which has made the services inaccessible for those in remote areas and those with mobility limitations.

Lack of mental health education

Mental health education is highly ignored, primarily in schools, and people do not realize just how unhelpful that is. A lot of individuals may seem like they are doing well outwards, but deep down, they are going through their worst. They also lack knowledge on how to deal with overwhelming situations. This is why you will find many depressed people turning to drugs and other unhealthy habits as they try to forget whatever they are going through. Others will even opt for suicide, and it is only because they have no one to guide them. Mental health education is the best way to teach people on self-care, how to avoid mental illnesses, and what to do is get to that point.

Social media pressure

How many times have you logged into your social media account, viewed people’s profiles, and left feeling like nothing is right with your life? Social media has brought in an unhealthy competition culture, which is only forcing people to push themselves to limits that they cannot handle. Rather than embracing positivity and spreading love, social media has become a source of pain and discouragement. That is the other way in which we are contributing to a mental crisis.

It is high time people start embracing mental health and understanding that sometimes things get hard, and you might not be able to maintain good mental health. We should all work towards fighting the mental crisis and avoid things that make the situation worse.

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