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The killed Lion Cecil and Dr Walter Palmer

Dentist Walter Palmer who killed Cecil in Zimbabwe returns to work

The American dentist Walter Palmer who was accused of killing a beloved lion known as Cecil in Zimbabwe has finally returned to his clinic in suburban Bloomington Minneapolis on Tuesday after keeping silent for several weeks.

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Walter was very quite by the time he entered his clinic in the morning at around 07:00am in the presence of media who were gathered outside waiting for him to say something, the police decided to block the area around the clinic to prevent those who would carryout the protests, however patients were escorted by employees in the clinic.

In about four weeks back, the officials in Zimbabwe made an announcement that the authorities should send back Walter for taking part in killing Cecil, on Monday the police spokes man in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare said Walter’s case had no new developments.

Mugabe’s wife also surprised the nation by defending dentist Walter.

Walter believes that he did the hunting legally but he did’nt know that he had killed the most beloved animal in the country, but at last he apologized that he was sorry, that did not stop people from going to his Bloomington clinic and his home to protest, he was abused across social media.

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