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facebook changes its newsfeed algorithm the third time this year 2015

Facebook changes its news feed again

On Friday Facebook unveiled the stream of information once again and its all about amount of time spent reading and looking at a post. Previously it was how high or how low a post could show up in your news feed and incase if it showed up, it was depending on how your facebook friends liked, shared or commented on your post, but this time around, it will no longer be available.

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The company software engineer, Ansha Yu said,” its not just a matter of calculating the number of seconds you spend on each story, it depends, for instance, some people will spend ten minutes trying to read the story simply because of the slow internet connection while others will spend ten minutes reading a story because its nice and inspiring.”

Facebook as a company knows that if someone spends more time reading a specific story or striking over post with pictures from your friend’s party in his or her facebook news feed, it’s a sign to show that the content is more appropriate to them.

The social network giant is aiming to make its news feed more interesting and compelling for its users and above all to improve on the time spent reading, checking or looking at a nice post  in your facebook news feed without sharing, liking or commenting on it.

Its not the first time, facebook has made a number of tweaks in its news feed for precision and significance.

recently in April, the social network giant updated its news feed algorithm twice in order to highlight updates from friends facing content from pages.

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