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Google’s Self-Driving Cars To Te Tested On Public Roads This Summer

Google is taking its self-driving car plan on another level after making announcements that it will start testing its self-driving cars on public roads especially in mountain view this summer.[1]

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This week, Google revealed that its autonomous cars has experienced only 11 accidents within six years of testing, now it has laid a strategy to take things to another level.

The self-driving cars will be tuned to travel a speed of 25 miles per hour maximum including a safety driver,[3] who can probably take over at any point through the on-board wheel,[4] accelerator and brake.

The company said its self-driving cars have recorded almost a million miles of increasingly driving in its test provisions where by the strategy has built up to nearly 10,000 miles weekly which simply means these cars have around 75 years of human experience to draw on.[2]

Google continued and said, “ In more years to come, we would need to operate a mini pilot programs accompanied by our developed model in order to learn what exactly people want to do with cars of this type.[10]

We are not done with this as yet but if you stay near mountain view, just get ready to welcome these fantastic autonomous machines daily.[1]

Google is expanding its technology from computer software and now in also hardware,[4] its self-driving car project will generate a lot of money in the near future if all goes well, the company is investing a lot into this project and hopefully it will bring the returns.[3]

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