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cement in uganda to be imported

Government To Authorize Importation Of Cheap Cement

The Government has threatened to authorize the importation of cement if the current cement prices don’t reduce.

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A bag of cement is current bought at Shs 50000.

The government has come out to intervene on the soared cement’s price. The trade minister Amelia Kyambadde met with the local manufacturers yesterday and warned them on gov’t next move when the prices don’t go low in a few weeks.

Kyambadde said that they have given the manufacturers until next month to sort the issue of high prices or they may require opening up on importation.

Amelia Kyambadde the trade Minister revealed that the government is giving local Manufactures a period of 21 days to reduce their prices or else they will allow importation of it

However, Amelia accused Buy Uganda Build Uganda(BUBU) policy to have caused the increment.

In the meeting, both parties agreed that government should regulate cement’s exportation to allow manufacturers ration their export and address the scarcity problem.

The meeting also agreed that government puts a cap on wholesale and retail prices as well as sorting out the power outage problems that are affecting production at Hima.

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