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How I Earned My Very First Rejection By Girl In 2018

How I Earned My Very First Rejection By Girl In 2018 – Interesting Story!

It was the last day of third term exams, and I wasn’t even wanting a relationship. I had run across the street to meet and ask for a phone number from a girl, and politely too.

But Brenda, this light skinned dimple-cheeked beauty that every boy at the freedom square wanted, she did that thing y’all ladies do with your lashes, folded her arms across her chest, moved her head from right to left to right then left again, and mouthed the word,


Everyone talks about a moment in their life when they wished the earth would open and swallow them. It sounds cliched… well, until that person is you.

That day was my moment. But then wishes aren’t earthquakes, so I was sinking nowhere. My legs weighed a ton as I dragged my sorry self back to where my friends waited in the corner, and I swore never to put myself in that position again.

In the years that followed, I stayed away from all skirt-wearing humans. I sought knowledge here and there on the right style of approach, but they weren’t convincing enough to apply. It wasn’t just about the words to say. I had them. I needed a working blueprint.

Then I discovered marketing. And in marketing, I came up with my own concept, the “AIDA” model.

It is a marketing model that describes the steps a customer goes through in the process of buying a product.

This literally changed the game for me. As it’s going to do for you if you’re smart enough to catch it anyway.

First you’ve got to admit that we’re all selling something; products, services, political ideologies. And in the case of wanting a relationship, it’s simply having to sell yourself to the other person. YOU are the product up for sale. And the person of the opposite sex (which for this post would be a girl) is the prospective buyer.


The first stage is the ATTENTION STAGE. And the attention stage, is an awareness stage. It’s the first meeting point between you and the lady. Where you catch her attention and make her aware of your existence.

To achieve this feat just like in marketing, you need to be attention worthy by looking absolutely amazing, and showing up at places where she likes to be at.

Could be at a bar, an eatery, the gym, church, comment section of posts she enjoy-Mama Tendo Foundation if she’s that type, etc. Establishing this similarity in taste and preference is the big first step. Being in the right place, at the right time.

The INTEREST STAGE is quite just like its name—interesting. Now she knows you exist. You are handsome, you come around every Friday, and like to tip the barman. You might have even said a plain hello a few times at the gym, or replied her comment and got a nice reply. Philip Matogo is an expert at this, he can give you a few tips at a fair price😂😂😂

But hold it! It’s not the time to do a hard sell.

At this stage you’re still earning your prospective customer’s trust, with the aim of showing her how you can be relevant to her needs.

As a product, how can you make life easier and better for her? Or do you just want to be sold for your selfish reasons?

It’s a time to anticipate the questions that could come up in her head about you, and answer them. Are you married? What’s your blood group? Do you have a child? A job?

Take actions that show your values. If it’s online, what are your thoughts on topics that touch on life and child right? Is religion a big deal for you?

These are the filter stages. If your prospect doesn’t make it past, they either were not your ideal customer, or something is not clear in your process and needs revisiting.

The DESIRE STAGE; now that she’s interested in you, you don’t want that interest to fade. It’s time to make an approach, and move your prospect into the stage of Desire. From “I like him” to “I want him”.

A good way is to introduce yourself. Ask for a phone number. Call at a respectable pace and have an interesting conversation. Ask that girl for a date. And if online, slide into the dm. Yeah!

You have to SHOW in clear ways the value you are bringing to her life, and how you will do it.

For a normal product or service, sharing testimonial of past users come to play here. For this case, introducing the girl to friends and a bit of family who could say nice things about you also count.

The ACTION STAGE; as soon as the desire to buy is aroused, the final hurdle is getting the customer to buy from you. Have interest transferred into an ACTION, asap.

Remember, even with all your persuasion, chances are that she’s still a bit sceptical about the purchase. So keep it easy for her. Reassure her. For normal products, you could do a FREE TRIAL, or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, but this case would require sincerity. Put your cards on the table.

Make sure no hidden charges apply. Don’t suddenly two months into the relationship have an ex-wife with two kids. Always make that girl see that there’s no risk on her part.

Except of course, the risk of losing you.

PS: Lately, there’s been an added sibling to the AIDA formula. An “S” for “satisfaction”.
And this is because the product has to keep up to its promises and satisfy the consumer. Customer satisfaction is everything! It breeds loyalty, and makes her keep coming back for more. In the case of a relationship, it could get you married.

By Eninu William, tel: 0783-642052

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