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Meet Jimmy The Unlucky Chap

“But you have a wife Jimmy, why do you keep chasing away every guy that asks me out. You don’t want me to have my own husband and possibly enjoy my relationship like you are enjoying yours” Amoding said.

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Jimmy looked at her for a while, took a deep breath “Look Amoding, you see all these boys, they just want to use you and dump you. You know how pretty you are, arrogant but pretty, I don’t want you ending up in the hands of one useless nonentity who will not value you, you are my best friend and I want the best for you ”

Amoding smiled and hugged Jimmy, if only he will open his eyes to realize how much she loves him but can’t tell him because he’s a married man .

They have been best of friends before he married Agwang, and even when Agwang complained about their closeness, Jimmy said it was nothing as she was just a good friend.

Jimmy and Amoding’s friendship continued to blossom much to the chagrin of Agwang but she didn’t try to create a scene or cause a fight as she was obviously tired of complaining about it. So when Amoding called Jimmy around 10pm that she had serious stomach ache and he should come over, he lied to Agwang that his mom was ill and needed him.

Agwang was even the one to help him with money for transport as it was already late, he hailed a boda boda and proceeded to her place. On getting there she was just in a mini skirt and had no bra on, just a polo t-shirt. She jumped at the sight of him, forgetting that she said she had stomach ache, obviously aroused by this sight, he grabbed her and they ……….

“How’s mom, hope all is well” A visibly worried Agwang asked” Talk to me please, how’s she”

Wiping the sweat from his face, he heaved a sigh of relief and jumped on the bed “She’s fine, it’s her normal ulcer stuff, but I took care of her, she’s fine. I’m so tired right now, I need to sleep.” With those words, he dozed off almost immediately.

Jimmy and Amoding continued their “Friends with Benefits” spree and Agwang had no idea as she trusted him.

Amoding fell hopelessly in Love With Jimmy and deep down, she prayed he’s going to one day leave Agwang for her.

“There’s something I have been wanting to tell you Jimmy, I don’t know how you will take it, but I haven’t seen my periods now for over two months and……”

“Are you mad or something, you haven’t seen what? For over two months and you didn’t tell me? Are you mad!! Wait, what you are trying to say is that you are pregnant?” Jimmy raged

“Yes i am pregnant ”

Jimmy stood up from the bed in anger and rained curses and abuses at her “are you mad Amoding, you want to ruin my marriage ?. You better remove that bastard from your womb”

“Well, Jimmy, I am not going to take this baby off, not today, not tomorrow, after chasing other guys away from me, now you want to deny what’s yours? I’m keeping it.”

I mean, you have been married to Agwang for over 5 years without a child, can’t you just open your eyes to see I’m God sent to you”

With those words, Jimmy stormed out of Amoding’s place, dejected and angry.

“Look Jimmy, you know you are always rude when you are talking to that girl, Just talk calmly with her and she might give in. You want someone to abort a child for you and you are shouting at her, who does that”

Ebau’s words were both soothing and true as he(Jimmy) realized he’d not handled the matter in a civilized way.

After a deep conversation with Amoding, she finally followed him to the hospital.

While they were waiting for the Doctor, Jimmy got a call and told Amoding he won’t be coming back anytime soon as he had to do some stuffs somewhere. He gave her some cash and left.

When the Doctor came out to meet Amoding, she was crying deeply “are you sure you want to go through with this”? She shook her head and said no and then ran out of the hospital.

Few minutes later she walked back into the hospital and asked the doctor to proceed with the operation much to his surprise. After running series of test on her, the doctor concluded that aborting the child would be a great risk and that she might lose her life in the process, so they had to cancel.

She relayed the message to Jimmy who wasn’t having any of it, he vented his anger on her and accused her of being a traitor and a wicked friend much to her bemusement. She couldn’t believe it was her “bestie” Jimmy that had turned to a tiger all because of pregnancy.

“Jimmy, there’s something I want to tell you, but that will be when I’m back from work, I love you so much” Agwang

gave him a peck on the lips and left.

Amoding paid Jimmy a visit at his place that morning, Agwang wasn’t around as she’d already left for work. He still tried to talk her into it but she wasn’t having any of it. She even pleaded with him to tell Agwang as she was crazily in love with him.

Jimmy went to the fridge and poured her a drink and spoke calmly to her, His calm voice melted her heart as she was always vulnerable around him .He walked into the bed room to get his phone as it was ringing in from inside only for Agwang to rush in almost immediately. Not suspecting anything she greeted Amoding “My dear, i forgot my office key” She helped her self to the drink Jimmy had poured for Amoding and immediately dashed off.

The keys were on the table in the sitting room where Amoding was.

“I heard voices, who was that” Jimmy asked when he returned from the bed room.

“Agwang, she forgot her keys” Amoding replied nonchalantly.

Jimmy smiled and licked his lips,”I see you have finished your drink, you want anything else”?

“I didn’t, Agwang did”

His countenance changed immediately and he began to fidget. He apparently had put abortion pills in the drink.

He got a call an hour later that his wife was in the hospital and he dashed off.

“I’m so sorry sir, the abortion pills she took damaged her womb and killed her baby in the process, It’s a miracle she’s still alive, I know how long you have been searching for a child, I’m so sorry sir ”

Doctor Icoot said and walked away.

Jimmy fell to the ground in shock, he couldn’t believe what he had just done!!

#You can’t Eat your cake and have it.

And good ladies in love, please be aware that your bestie will make a decision that will cost you everything once you get pregnant.

Avoid married men like a plague, they are upto no good.

Live and let live.

Abortion is murder.

Fictional Story written by Eninu William Tel: 0783-642052.

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