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16 Signs You’re Not Ready For A Serious Relationship

You love her, [3]you love your relationship, but despise her want for more commitment! All relationships have to ride on the same highway – the one that leads to a happily every after, according to lovequotes. But, do you wish to take this ride now?[4]

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Signs that indicate many aren’t ready to take on a serious relationship (s):

1). You haven’t moved on

Your ex is still a part of you and your life! You haven’t stopped loving him/her, [1]or you may be in touch with him/her – whatever the case, you hope that you can reunite with your ex and that’s holding you back from committing to your current relationship.

2). You’re unhappy

You are in your relationship, but it doesn’t make you happy.[9] The whole point of being with someone is to be content and in love, however it your partner isn’t able to put a smile on your face every time you are with him/her, you should know that this person is your ‘the one.’

3). Career is your priority

You don’t have time for a serious commitment as of now and that’s how your life is presently.[6] You know you are reaching great heights in your career and the future looks bright so you wouldn’t want to let a relationship affect or distract you.

4). Unsure about commitment

You haven’t got a clear opinion on commitment as yet. Your parents have been in a commitment for years on end, many of your friends are in one, but you still don’t know how you feel about being with one person and giving your life to that person.[3]

5). Trust issues

Due to past experiences or some relationships you’ve seen,[10] you have developed trust issues. Even though you love your partner, you are afraid to give your all in apprehension that he/she will hurt you.

6).  Don’t want drama

You are dealing with a dramatic bunch of friends, or siblings, or your relationship with your parents gives you enough emotions to deal with, so you don’t want another addition to this fiasco.[2]

7). You change yourself for the person

If you are aware that you are adapting to your partner’s whims and fancies, you know you have changed your personality. This change isn’t going to last for too long so don’t put in too much effort if you can’t be yourself in the relationship.[7]

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8). Absence of compatibility

Somehow you haven’t connected with your partner. [8]You may enjoy each other’s company and like him/her, but you feel you simply are not compatible. If there is no compatibility, you cannot even think of a future.

9). You’re independent

You love your space and your time alone. The idea of sharing your time, your feelings, your friends, etc. with someone isn’t something you are prepared for. Since you love your independence, enjoy it and don’t force yourself to get into a serious commitment.[5]

10). Dating for the sake of it

You are dating him/her not because you are actually interested in the person. You may have an ulterior motive, such as making your ex jealous,[2] proving to your colleagues that you have a partner or simply a self-confidence booster. If you are dating just for the sake of dating, how can you even think of commitment?

11).  Peer pressure

All your friends are in serious relationships, your brother has found someone too! If this wasn’t enough, your parents are asking you about your relationship status, so because of all this pressure you may think you should get serious. But in reality you aren’t ready, it is just the peer pressure speaking.[1]

12).  Dating is your favourite game

You are a serial dater so the question of serious relationship never arises in your life.[9] You enjoy being with different people and like change, and the thought of being with one person is very boring.

13).  You aren’t your real self

You wish to please your partner so you don’t show your real self to him/her. You are conscious; you feel that if you show your true colours, he/her will not like you. Well, if you are afraid to be yourself with this person, how will you have a serious relationship with him/her?

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14). You’re content with the current scenario

You have been dating for a few months – you enjoy the flirting and cuddling, as well as the space you have. Basically you are satisfied with the current scenario and don’t wish you disturb it by adding the serious twist.[3]

15). You want to date more

You’ve only been in about three relationships so far and you feel you need more exposure.[6] This guy may really interest you, but you want to explore all your options before you take a call.

16). You’re confused

There are two people in your life and you don’t know which one you want to be with. Take your time, gauge the pros and cons before you make a decision as this can make or break not one, [9]but two relationships! You must be sure about the person and yourself before you decide to move ahead in your relationship. In case you feel you need more time, take it, because the relationship isn’t going anywhere. Trust your instincts and your love before you take that plunge![7]

Source: likelovequotes

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