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Pope Francis

Pope Francis Ready For A Trip To Africa

Pope Francis is ready to take on his 5 days trip to Africa from Wednesday despite of the security fears following alshabab attacks, he will first of all travel to Kenya, Uganda and lastly Central African Republic which Vatican has warned incase of increase of high security risks, the trip in CAR could be changed or cancelled.

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Pope’s bodyguards will be working tirelessly in the area to make sure there is no violence and deadly attacks like that of France and Mali that happened recently leaving several people dead.

The Argentine pope will emphasize peace, social justice and conciliation between Christianity and islam on his foreign trip in Africa, he will meet several people including child soldiers, victims of war, those in extreme poverty and AIDS victims.

Pope Francis will visit Africa for the 1st time!

The 78 year old will visit Uganda and Kenya for the first time but Uganda is honoured to have been the first African country to be visited by a pope way back in 1969 and that was Paul VI, while John Paul II visited Kenya three times.

Concerning poverty, pope Francis is expected to visit Kenya’s biggest slum area known as Kangemi which accommodates over 100,000 people aswell as Uganda’s charity centre in Nalukolongo an out-skirt of Kampala city.

While in Uganda, he will visit Namugongo shrine to honour Christian Martyrs that were persecuted for religious, political and cultural causes, in 1886 the leader of the royal monarchy of Buganda region at that time known as king Mwanga ordered the killing of 22 young men because they refused to become sexual slaves or deny their faith.

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