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Should Your Brand Launch Google Ads Remarketing Campaign

Should Your Brand Launch Google Ads Remarketing Campaign?

In 2010, Google Ads remarketing campaign was launched. At that time, it had some features and functionalities. But with time, it got many new features and functionalities for its strength. These may range from creating lists using Google analytics to dynamic remarketing. 

Now, it becomes easy for advertisers to create and optimize remarketing campaigns. Special thanks to the ever-changing functionalities. 

This article will highlight some important practices and tips. So, it helps all Top digital marketing agencies to adapt Google marketing campaigns. 

It is impossible for you to improve the ROI of Google Ads if you don’t know what to optimize. Let’s start with some important tips. 

Expert Tips Before You Actually Start Making Your Remarketing Lists

Maintain Client Expectations By Setting Clear Remarketing Objectives

As we know, any process starts by knowing the objectives. The same is the case in re-marketing campaigns. You need to know the project’s goals before starting this process. This way, you can manage the project according to the client’s requirements. Maybe your client wants to use standard PPC and expects the same results from remarketing. 

So, it is important for advertisers to explain to the client that remarketing can’t get many PPC. At the same time, it is possible only when he goes for PPC ads. 

Explain to the client that remarketing only helps to push the brand to users who have visited the site. Besides, it is helpful to influence conversions. Never think that remarketing is the only interaction the visitor has before purchase. 

Remarketing Strategy

It is important for you to spend most of the time planning a remarketing strategy. This way, you can spend more time setting up the remarketing project. 

Though the remarketing work is based on the list you create and how to use them. So, don’t try to rush when you have objectives for the project. These can help you to know the list you have to create. 

Update your Privacy Policy

Another important tip is to update your privacy policy by using SEO friendly content. Then start remarketing the website. This way, you can declare the use of double-click cookies. 

Double click refers to the use of remarketing codes to log. This way, you can analyze what users have visited and on which thing he took action. It will help you to advertise the website in future if you are not interested in such an advertisement. Then it is good to go for a double-click opt-out page. 

Besides, you also need to check the privacy policy of Google. This way, you can ensure that your privacy policy is according to the standards of Google’s policy. 

Best Practices for Making up Remarketing in AdWords/Google Ads

Putting The Remarketing Code On Your Website

There are two types of remarketing codes. One is Google Analytics remarketing code, and the other is AdWords remarketing code. 

More benefits are seen in Google Analytics remarketing code. This code helps you to analyze the behaviour of users according to the list criteria. You can use this code to target an audience who has visited the site and remained for almost 3 minutes. Using this code, you can determine the location of the targeted audience. While through Adwords code, you can make a list based on the viewed page. 

For the dynamic remarketing campaign, Adwords codes are the best option. For a standard remarketing campaign, the best option is to use Google analytics code. It means you can use both of these codes on the site for dynamic and standard remarketing. Don’t think that both codes will show any conflict.

But also remember that everything has drawbacks along with benefits. The only drawback of having both codes at a time on the site means users have many lists and ads to see. So, maybe they don’t want to explore your site more. 

List Membership Duration

It is good to choose the list membership duration of almost 540 days. This way, you have much time to use the list later. Though, some users don’t know how to clear cookies. So, they will invest most of their time in that situation. 

When you have much duration of the list, then it becomes easy for you to follow such users unless they convert. Obviously, you don’t want to be annoyed at any time. So, having a long-term list membership is the best option. 

The following are the criteria for which you need to set the duration of list membership:

  • When you want to target users for a yearly purchase, then it is good to choose a 13 monthly long membership.
  • When you want to target users for monthly purchases. Then it is good to choose a 60-day long membership. This way, you can target users after the finish of the trial. Then they will again sign up.

Frequency Capping

It is most important in any remarketing practice. It differentiates between a slight reminder to the targeted audience and annoying them until they hate. 

You can choose this option from the setting tab. Then set it according to the requirements. Set this option at the campaign, ad group or level. It is up to you after that whether you want to set it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Before choosing the level of frequency capping, it is important for you to know the number of remarketing campaigns. You should also know the number of ad groups in the campaign if you only have one campaign. 

While if you have more than one campaign. Then it is good to have two impressions for a campaign. It means when you have six campaigns, and a visitor is using one list in the campaign. Then it may be possible you have 17 impressions in one campaign though this frequency is high. But it is not possible for all users to be on the same list within a campaign. So, maybe this frequency will be reduced. 

When your campaign starts running and you have data. Then it is time to analyze the reach and frequency. This way, you can get an idea of when your frequency capping needs to be adjusted. 

Additional Targeting for Remarketing

Remarketing is a type of behavioral targeting of an audience. It helps visitors to know the location of ads when they visit the site. 

For small businesses and low budgets, it is necessary only to target the users who convert. For this, each small business must use other targeting ways along with the remarketing audience. An example of it may be the demographic targeted for age and gender. 

Suppose you want to sell men’s products on the site. Then it is necessary to only target men. Moreover, you should only select the “bid only” option to allow men to bid. 

Refine Your Targeting By Only Remarketing To “Quality” Visitors

For narrowing of remarketing campaigns to target users who have interaction with the site. It is good to add the following things to the list:

  • Remove users who have bounded
  • Remove users who only have spent 10 seconds on the website

For this, you have to make a list in Google analytics. Then you can create custom lists in the Google Ads remarketing campaign. 

Stop Your Ads Showing “Bad” Content

Though the content is of different types, maybe you don’t want to have ads showing bad content. So, you have the option to exclude such content from the category. This way, your ads will not show you bad content. You will only see content ads related to the brand.

Moreover, you need to filter your remarketing campaign. For this, you have to review the placement report and remove the placement that is not necessary. Don’t remove much placement. It is because remarketing targets the audience depending on the behaviour instead of website content. 

Structuring Remarketing Campaigns

It is good to have an individual remarketing campaign for each running list. If you can’t do it. Then it is good to have a separate remarketing campaign for each list. It may be possible that you have two separate campaigns with lists that were made:

  • To make secondary purchases and upsells
  • To target the audience who visited the site but did not buy anything

Suppose it is not possible to create these structures. Then it is good to ensure that each strategy has an ad group in one campaign. When you have much data to assess the performance of each group, then you can easily separate the top performers into the campaign. This way, you can allot them a daily budget. 


Hopefully, you have learned many things about Google Ads remarketing campaigns. But all these practices can only be fruitful if you know the best way to do so. Therefore, it is important for you to discover some new and effective ways. 

It might be possible that one thing is effective for one account. But it is not necessary that the same thing is effective for another account. So, never hesitate to test and try new ways for remarketing campaigns.

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