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6 Best Tools For SEO-friendly Content Writing

6 Best Tools For SEO-friendly Content Writing

Discovering, composing, editing, SEO, distributing and analyzing content all these operations you can conveniently automate with AI.

But how can artificial intelligence simplify and scale the SEO-friendly content for your site? What are you able to do today with AI technology?

You’ll find out in this article which AI tools will help you build more value, speed up your writing and promote your content.

By recruiting a digital brain on your squad, all of this stuff could be done without taking much time and energy.

Find below the 6 best AI tools for SEO-friendly content writing to improve and speed up your writing process.

1.     Google Trends/Adwords

Google Trends reveals how many times in recent months a certain subject has been “Googled.” So it can assist you in choosing your topics and keywords for your next writings. You can choose the most popular keywords and topics to get in line with your SEO-friendly strategy.

Google Adwords is the network for advertising purposes that companies use to display ads and feature on SERP.

But you can still use the built-in tools of the platform to view audience research even if you don’t have a business.

Contrary to Google Trends, which indicates only relative rise or decline in searches, Adwords indicate the cumulative search numbers for a specific phrase in some given region.

Therefore, Adwords will help you select the most prevalent topic if you have to decide between two subjects.

It will even show you how many other writers would write about it. So the first step towards SEO-friendly content (popular topic among search engines) is made easy with AI based Google Trends and Adwords.

2. Crayon

Crayon uses AI to inform you about the online work of competitor businesses. The platform analyses more than 100 forms of data from seven million sources online. It records overtime shifts in the sites of competitors. It uses AI to show the most significant insights from the activities of competitors.

These results show a lot about the content approach of other businesses. This offers intelligent advertisers plenty of content for blogging.

You will find out which subjects are most relevant to the users and where there are drawbacks in your own content.

To make your content more relevant with keywords and according to market demands make it more SEO-friendly utilizing Crayon.

This AI tools also deliver strong topic-generating skills. In reality, you may find yourself with so many fantastic topics using it.

3. Plagiarism Checker

With state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technologies, this tool senses various forms of similarities, such as same, close and paraphrasing text.

The perfect service for online checking for plagiarism is this Plagiarism Checker by PREPOSTSEO.

It finds texts similar to your content on the internet through cloud storage. More than 60 trillion internet pages and directories are scanned by the advanced search engine.

In any language you want you can check plagiarism, it supports several file formats as well to be uploaded (doc, pdf, HTML, text, etc.). Moreover, you can also download and share the report of your results with others.

4. Microsoft Editor

Microsoft is offering a free as well as a premium version of its integrated AI editor, which detects and corrects the grammatical and spelling errors.

You will need to upgrade to Microsoft 365 Personal or Family membership and that will cost $6.99 to $9.99 a month with specialized writing and design features such as structured language and vocabulary tips.

For Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices, Microsoft 365 is available. The independent, free browser extension for Chrome and Edge Microsoft Editor is available.

Since the editor has a built-in Microsoft Word feature, downloading isn’t required, only start Word and place the Editor in the Home tab. No need to download nor install anything.

The Editor icon in the toolbar should be noticeable. Make sure that your version of Word is up to date if your icon can’t be seen.

So using this AI editing tool makes your content writing more optimized and according to SEO trends.

5. Evernote

By taking screenshots of the search you want to integrate and paste those screenshots into Google Docs, scribe hand-written notes into your notebook or generate a list of bookmarks while you compile your notes for your content writing.

All these solutions, though, are time-consuming and difficult to find. An easier and efficient alternative is offered by AI powered Evernote.

You can grab complete posts online in a few taps by using the Evernote web clipper. You will also be able to organize collected data in various notebooks, read the complete text of papers you have saved, browse your entire research collected at once and share the research that you collected with others.

In composing and collecting your blog post content Evernote proves to be a great helping hand and facilitates you to organize your more SEO-friendly content.

6. Headline Analyzer

This AI tool has been created especially for the headlines of your articles, as the name implies. Headline Analyzer helps you create more appealing titles. One of the main aspects of any blog post is a headline. Around 90% may not even read the post if the headline doesn’t develop their interest.

In order to use this app, you would have to register by filling in certain personal information. Headline Analyzer checks the effects of the titles, email topics and social messages.

The tool gives an indication, focused on using uncommon words, length, power words, and effects. You have just to insert your headline. Use this AI before you make your post live to exclude potentially bad headlines and make it more SEO-friendly.

Ø  Deductions

Artificial intelligence is not here to undermine human understanding; however human can accompany them to work in a better and efficient way.

While AI is extremely effective in data processing and is able to provide recommendations and possible solutions, innovative strategies and choices are still up to us.

The selection, combining and interpreting of content from an infinite quantity of data and material would no longer be exhaustive activities for the editing and SEO of texts, but will be just the basis for reliable and productive content marketing using above mentioned tools.

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