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Ahmed clock maker
Ahmed Mohamed ( middle)

The Teenager Who Was Arrested For Building A Clock Is Set To Move To Qatar

The young teenager who built a clock Ahmed Mohamed has been given an opportunity by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development where he will join the QF Young Innovators Program in Doha.

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Ahmed together with hundreds of other students and teachers visited the White House yesterday and met the US president, Barrack Obama at the white house Astronomy event, there after his family announced the move to Qatar.

This young innovator gained more fame especially on internet when he was arrested by the police for bringing a home made clock at school which was reportedly suspected to be a bomb, his arrest has turned out to be a great opportunity, I think Ahmed should thank the police that arrested him.

His clock will make him reach far!

The teenager was very excited with the offer given to him by Qatar foundation and he is happy that he will learn a lot more about science and technology.

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