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Top 10 Bottled Water Brands In Uganda  

Top 10 Bottled Water Brands In Uganda  

Being hydrated is crucial for someone’s health and well-being, however failing to choose a safe drinking water can make you one of the billion humans who die from unsafe water. The bottled water production industry in Uganda is huge with brands showing up everywhere. This list has been compiled by Newslex Point team, and water experts to identify quality, safe drinking bottled water in Uganda.

The ranking however is based on purification process plus systems of the companies, brand identity, public reputation, social media engagements as well as approval of appropriate authorities, for example the UNBS.

1) Rwenzori mineral water

It’s a pure natural mineral water from a mineral rich underground source that is 6 times filtered to deliver natives goodness in a bottle. The source has one of the purest fresh natural mineral water . It’s water is from a mineral spring that contains various minerals such as salts and sulpher compounds.

From the time it was established in 1993 up to date the company’s water brand has held market leadership in Uganda and its neighboring countries.

2) Frama water:

Frama water is a product of Pure Life bottling company Ltd incorporated in Uganda in 2021 from URSB. It deals in door to door deliveries of 18.9 litre dispensable packaged drinking water and also available in 500 ml bottled water at only Ugx 1,000. Frama water that has a relentless commitment to quality is exceptionally treated with patented high tech global standard purification system.

So far according to this list, Frama water is among the top safest premium quality bottled water in Uganda.

3) Hill Water

Hill water is a privately owned and limited by shares company established in 2017.

The main activity of hill is production of bottled water for drinking. For the purpose of its operations the company has extended its presence in almost all regions of Uganda and maintaining distribution teams in all those areas.

Hill water is a product of four foresighted technocrats who with their experience and endless efforts have set up and established a successful model of water production  in Uganda to fuel national infrastructure development and well being of its citizens. The brand promises the assurance of clean, pure and then safe drinking water. Hill water goes through an intense purification process before it reaches the consumer.

4) Wavah water

Wavah water is a safe bottled beverage which is produced and presented in two brands ie mineral water and sparkling water which is conveniently packed in different sizes with different pricing in oder to provide a wide range of options to the consumers. The company extracts real mineral water from natural site far outside of the city and process it to create safe bottled drinking water available for throughout the region.

Wavah water is distributed through major supermarkets, company appointed agents and can be ordered online.

5) Nivana water

Nivana water is naturally filtered into healthy spring water with an excellent pH balance that results in a smooth invigorating taste to quench your thirst from the first sip. From the spring to bottle, Nivana flows at 42 degrees throughout the entire bottling process keeping it the best quality water to drink.

The spring water is tested daily for its consistency and excellent PH balance to ensure that it’s just as pure as they claim so as to continue to quench your thirst with crisp natural spring water

6) Krystal Natural Mineral Water

Kystal Natural Mineral Water is a premium brand bottled and distributed locally by Hariss International Limited. Krystal water is available in a 500 ml bottle at Ugx 1,000 in all retail outlets country wide.

7) Aqua Coolers

Aqua coolers is one of the first companies to produce bottled water in 18.9 Litres reusable bottles since 1997. They have dominated a wide market within Uganda’s capital Kampala.

8) Hema water

Hema water is pure & refreshing natural drinking Water bottled in 500ml, 1.5 Ltrs, 18.9 ltrs and is distributed in various outlets country-wide.

9) Jibu water

Jibu water equips emerging market entrepreneurs to grow essential service franchises with drinking water as their retail product.

10) Yaket water

Yaket water will quench your thirst. natural mineral water preserves mother-nature constituents in every drop. Its processing steps are all about making every sip as fresh as the very first drop of rain.

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