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These Are 3 New Jets Coming From Aircraft Manufacturers in 2017

Everyone is moving forward in 2017 including airplane manufacturers. Across the board, all major manufacturers are planning on unveiling new jets over the next 12 months.

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Boeing will launch two new versions of the 737 this year, the 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9. The 8 is expected to be delivered to Southwest within the first half of the year. It features a longer fuselage and a capacity to carry 36 more passengers than the MAX 7. The MAX 9 will expand even more, with a range of 3,600 nautical miles and a capacity for an additional 16 passengers than the MAX 8. Although tests of the plane are scheduled to begin this year, it likely wont be delivered until 2018.

Its likely that within the next few years Boeing will also launch two business jets variations.

Meanwhile at Airbus, everybody is focusing on the neo or new engine option. The A321neo will be shipping out this year alongside a brand-new A330neo. The latter is a wide-body plane, designed to compete with Boeings Dreamliner. And A350-1000, which made its first test flight a couple months ago, is set for delivery in late 2017. The jet is Airbuss longest edition of the A350XWB (extra wide body) to date and is capable of accommodating up 440 passengers.

Embraer will introduce two new jets this year.

The Brazilian manufacturer will roll out two planes from the new E2 series, the E190-E2 and the E195-E2. The E195 is the largest aircraft the manufacturer has ever produced, capable of carrying 132 passengers in one single-class cabin. Its expected to fly for the very first time at some point this year.

Source: Yahoo

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