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A 70 year Old Indian Woman Gave Birth To Twins

Miracles are still happening in this world, never ever curse your life as long as you’re still alive, look at this Indian woman by the names of Omkari who gave birth to twins, this was a great surprise for a woman of that age to give birth to twins.

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People always ask me whether the 6 year old Akashvani is my son or my grandson, i always tell them, he’s my son and that’s the truth,’’ said Omkari.

At the age of 70, in the year 2008, Singh who comes from Pradesh, India gave birth to her twins, Akashvani and Barsaat through C-section after enduring a lot of pain for a long period of time.

It was a premature birth just by one month, she went through an emergency operation to save her life and both of these twins weighed just 2 pounds.


I had a great shock when this old woman was brought to me with a due pregnancy, she was bleeding and she was in great pain, before we carried out an operation on her, we ordered for blood, at the end of it all, everything was successfully done and her kids were well,’’ said Gyneacologist, Nisha Malik.

Mr Charan Singh Panwar and her wife, Omkari already had 2 daughters and 5 grand children, but they desperately needed a son who will be the heir.

To pay for the IVF treatment, Mr Charan had to mortgage his piece of land, sold his Bufallos and he also took a loan of 350,000 rupees which is approximately US$5492.

Omkari and her husband, Charan finally got the happiness they needed after having a son in their old age, inspite of the criticism during her children’s birth.

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