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Li-Fi Technology Is Coming Soon, Its 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Technology is increasing every now and then, Velmenni is the company that came up with the new alternative internet technology known as Li-Fi, it reaches the speed of 1 Gbp which means this will be 100 times faster than the current Wi-Fi.

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At the speed of 1Gbp, you can be able to download an HD movie in just seconds, this new technology was tested in industrial environments and in different offices in Estonia and finally came up with those speeds.

Li-Fi which was invented in a lab four years ago transmits data using LED lights which glint on and off within a very short time, invisible to a human eye.

Difference between Wi-Fi and Li-Fi

Wi-Fi can strike or penetrate through the wall while Li-Fi is built on light and it cannot penetrate through, therefore its more limited and this has made it more secure from outer smell, people always need faster internet connection, it makes communication easy and efficient.

Li-Fi can serve as a multi purpose such as providing LED light bulbs for home use aswell as creating network connection on devices for communication.

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