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Top 25 Websites In Uganda According To Alexa Rankings

According to the Alexa.com World Wide Web rankings,[9] these are the top 25 local websites in Uganda. Low Alexa rank simply indicates that the website is visited by a lot of people and most popular on the Internet.[5]

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Below are some of the crucial factors that many website owners always ignore,[2] and yet all this is considered by search engines in order to rank or de-rank you.

Bounce rate.

This is an internet marketing term for web traffic measures,[1] it encourages visitors to continue reading or enjoy what is posted on the site, therefore generating the interest of visitors.

Higher bounce rates: [8]This is the rate at which the visitors leave your website without really observing what’s about or not completing a particular activity or leaving without doing anything not even navigating to other pages within the same site,[5] this means that your website is not doing a good job for attracting the interest of readers.[3]

websites bounce rates

For example,[12] if your website has a bounce rate from 50% and above, check your site and find out if what you’re posting is useful to your readers, [2]if not, its time to do a thorough improvement so that you can bring back the interest of your readers.

Low bounce rates: This is the rate at which the visitors stay long enough on the same page and after they are compelled to visit other pages within the same site. [9]Please know that, if your bounce rate is between 80% and above, its bad, [12]50% is average and anything below 30% is really very good.[1]

Daily Page views per Visitor:

websites rating

The average number of pages or posts viewed by each visitor to your website per day.[10] If this number is higher, your website is considered to have more attractive information.[1]

Daily Time on Site:

The average number of minutes spent on your website by each visitor per day. [8]As with ‘Daily Page views per Visitor’, when this number is higher, [3]your website is considered to have more attractive information. Here the average internet user has no time to waste, he / she will not spend much time on your website if they don’t find it attractive.[6]

websites traffic

Besides that, [11]If your website is engaging, even advertisers will find it very useful to work with you because of much time readers spend on your site, advertisers will obviously know that their ads will be seen well enough.[6]

According to the list below compiled by ” Newslex Point team ”, Daily Monitor is on top in both global and Uganda rank, Brighter Monday has the best Bounce rate so far,[5] followed by UG Blizz and Newslexpoint.com which is also having the highest ‘Daily Time on Site’ compared to all other websites.[1]

Here is the list of the top 25 Websites in Uganda with the highest traffic volume on the internet.

 No Websites UG rank Global rank Bounce Rate Daily Pageviews Per Vistor Daily Time On Site Category
1 Daily Monitor 9 21,357 45.90% 3.02 5:20 News
2 New Vision 12 28,070  52.50%  3.41 4:27 News
3 Howwe 16  26,914  46.60% 8.9 6:01 News
4 Blogspot 27 57,556  60.20% 1.83 2:44 Blog
5 MTN 29 59,605  27.60% 8.4 25:57:00 Telecom
6 BigEye 30 43,573  41.50% 3.5 5:36 Entertainment
7 Makerere 33 73,889  32.80% 3.8 6:31 Education
8 BrighterMonday 35 80,514  21.40% 4.4 5:08 Jobs
9 Red Pepper 37 58,072 46.90% 2.13 3.18 News
10 Ug Blizz 38 69,221 22.70% 21 23:52 News
11 URA 39 96,042 27.30% 4.4 14:13 Government
12 The Observer 43 75,932 50.00% 2.4 3.58 News
13 PC TECH 45 49,421 42.80% 10.5 11:57 Technology
14 Vodafone Uganda 46 74,615 29.80% 2.6 6:03 Telecom
15 Fortune Of Africa 51 121,803 32.00% 31 25:27:00 Business
16 Bukedde 56  78,161 35.00% 4.1 7:59 News
17 Newslex Point 57 155,270 22.30% 21 48:24:00 News
18 Roke Telkom Uganda 58 138,694 43.50% 2.6 4:20 Telecom
19 The Investigator 62 126,035 42.90% 6.7 9:12 News
20 Chano8 65 156,878 33.30% 6.3 8:59 Entertainment
21 Mikolo 66 240,508 27.00% 14 16:20 Wedding
22 The UgandaN Jobline 74 129,757 45.60% 3.5 4:05 Jobs
23 Chimp Reports 76 72,083 45.20% 2.6 4:17 News
24 Café Platnum 82 215,431 24.00% 15 30:26:00 News
25 The Pearl Guide 93 162,383 26.70% 11.70 21.52  Travel

Please Note: The above statistical measures of many websites here keep changing every after 24 hours, according to Alexa ranking standard.[4]

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