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Why Is It Necessary To Wear A Mask?

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One of the most interesting things scientists have learnt about the Coronavirus is that after a person first comes into contact with it, they can go for up to a week without feeling sick. You will know the importance of wearing a mask by the time you end this article. There is also another group of people called “Asymptomatic”— who ...

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There Is Very Little Risk That Pets Can Infect Owners With Coronavirus– WHO

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The risk of pets infecting owners with coronavirus is very little, according to the top scientist of the World Health Organization. The WHO top scientist Swaminathan Soumya on Thursday told the press conference in Geneva that ferrets, felines and also tigers have contracted the deadly virus. “There is very little risk from domestic animals because there was some concern about ...

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A New Strain Of Flu With ‘Pandemic Potential’ Has Been Found In Pigs

new strain of flu emerges in pigs

A new strain of flu carried by pigs which emerged recently can infect human beings, according to scientists. The scientists are worried that this flu could transmute further so that it can spread easily from one person to another, and result into a global outbreak. Since it it’s not an immediate problem, they noted, it has all signs of being ...

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Children Under 2 Years Should Not Wear Face Masks – Doctors Warn

Children Under 2 Years Should Not Wear Face Mask – Doctors Warn

It’s not necessary for children under 2 years to wear face mask, according to Dr Onyancha Pacifica, the acting director, Medical Services Preventive and Promotive Health in Kenya. During an interview with journalists on Tuesday at Afya House in Nairobi, Dr Pacifica explained that children are too fragile and when they put on face mask, it reduces the supply of ...

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Polio Vaccine Might Cure Covid-19 – According To Scientists

polio vaccine might cure coronavirus

There is new hope that Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) could cure coronavirus, according to reports from scientists. For now, whilst coronavirus doesn’t have a cure, a new publication released on 11th June 2020 shows that some of the vaccines developed to eliminate epidemic diseases of the 20th Century such as polio, showed some effectiveness against other viral diseases. Afterwards, Chumakov ...

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