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Liberia Confirms Two New Cases

ebola in Liberia -pandemic diseases

The two confirmed cases of Ebola have risen the number of the infected to five in Liberia. The newest patients, a boy and a girl were brought into the treatment center on Thursday from the Nedowein community. Check also: New Ebola outbreak in the west African country again Liberia has more ebola cases in Africa! Dr. Kateh Francis of the ...

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The first human head transplant could be possible by 2017

head transplant

Sergio Canavero the Italian doctor of the Turin advanced Neuromodulation group in Italy says that full body transplant where a living person’s head would be attached to a donor body, or what we simply call head transplant could be possible in 2 years from now. Check also: Penis donors wanted in South Africa What is a human head transplant? A ...

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First Death Of Measles In US Since 2003


This was after a death of a woman in the Washington state in spring, although she lacked common signs of Measles like rush, a post-mortem examination that was done on her confirmed that she died of Measles, health authorities say. Check also: New Ebola outbreak in Liberia Again The dead woman whose name and age is not disclosed was hospitalized for ...

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New Ebola outbreak in Liberia Again

ebola outbreak

After the country had declared that it was free from ebola two months ago, it has again faced the disease back. This was confirmed when a teenager of 17 years old died on Sunday by the virus. The area was quarantined by health officials and the burial ceremonies of the teenager were smooth and safe but a new case is ...

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