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Esther Ruined My Life And Left Me Unproductively Dead – Touching Story

esther ruined my life

Over the counter of a down town tavern we sat. Brown liquor wobbled tune of miseries in the see through goblet as we muse over his pains. “It was Esther! She ruined my life and left me barren carcass.” he said as emotions reddened veins in my eyes. I met him earlier that day tattered, famished and unshaven at a ...

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It Was Never My Intention To Let My Son Grow Up Without A Father – Painful Story!

my son grew up without father

It was never my intention to let my son grow up without a father. It wasn’t part of the plan. It wasn’t my intention to run away from my responsibility. I had thought I’d be prepared fully by the time it happened, by the time I brought a child into the world. But I guess fate had other plans for ...

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Single Father And His Daughter – Interesting Story!

single father and daughter

After Michelle passed on, I quit social life to take care of our little girl. She was three at the time, a pretty little bundle of joy with sandy eyes and a smile like her mother’s. I was afraid. I didn’t know what to do, and knew nothing about the first thing on how to raise a daughter. But I ...

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How Akello Became A Stolen Bride – Interesting Story

How Akello Became A Stolen Bride - Interesting Story

“He’s beating Akello again, after she will still go back to him. The last time i tried to intervene she hit me with a bottle and told me to stay away from their lives, I don’t even know what she sees in that guy that she wants to kill herself over him” Check also: Okitoi The Broke Lover- Interesting Story Apedel ...

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