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How I Earned My Very First Rejection By Girl In 2018 – Interesting Story!

How I Earned My Very First Rejection By Girl In 2018

It was the last day of third term exams, and I wasn’t even wanting a relationship. I had run across the street to meet and ask for a phone number from a girl, and politely too. But Brenda, this light skinned dimple-cheeked beauty that every boy at the freedom square wanted, she did that thing y’all ladies do with your ...

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What I Did When I Found Condoms Under My Husband’s Mattress

What I Did When I Found Condoms Under My Husband's mattress

One of the most irritating moments in a woman’s life is when she finds out that her boyfriend or husband is cheating on her. The Kenyan vivacious musician and businesswoman Akothee narrates how she one time found condoms hidden under the mattress of her first white husband. She took to her Facebook page and shared a story of her tough ...

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It Was Never My Intention To Let My Son Grow Up Without A Father – Interesting Story!

my son grew up without father

My name is Samson, it was never my intention to let my son grow up without a father. It wasn’t part of the plan. It wasn’t my intention to run away from my responsibility. I had thought I’d be prepared fully by the time it happened, by the time I brought a child into the world. But I guess fate ...

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Esther Ruined My Life And Left Me Unproductively Dead – Touching Story

esther ruined my life

Over the counter of a down town tavern we sat. Brown liquor wobbled tune of miseries in the see through goblet as we muse over his pains. “It was Esther! She ruined my life and left me barren carcass.” he said as emotions reddened veins in my eyes. I met him earlier that day tattered, famished and unshaven at a ...

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How My Housemaid Almost Killed My Baby – Shocking Story!

housemaid kills baby

When my child was approaching 6 months I embarked on job hunting, because of connections, I landed a job as a manager.The salary was good. My next move was to search for a housemaid as soon as possible. Lucky me(or I thought I was), I got a housemaid who was mature probably in her forties, with experience of three teenage ...

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