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Meet The Country With Most Jealous Men In Africa, According To Research

kenyan men are most jealous in africa

According to research, men who are likely to beat up their women if seen talking to other males (jealous) compared to their counterparts in western or southern Africa are Kenyan men. A study comparing domestic violence in East, Southern, and Western Africa shows half of Kenyan men are likely to turn violent if partners talk to other males. For searching ...

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How I Met Rebecca, A Fair-Skinned Super Model With Long Legs

rebecca, a super model

Have you ever been to one? I’m not going to judge you if you say yes. And here is why, I’ve been to one too. Don’t judge me if you’ve never visited. By the way, that’s a long time ago. God has forgiven and forgotten, I hope you do the same too. But even if you don’t, both God and ...

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How Lucy Became Ambitiously Dangerous At 19

lucy ambitiously dangerous

Lucy had totally transformed, from the once very innocent girl that everyone took advantage of to an ambitiously dangerous 19 year old. She cared less about anything else, except making sure her tormentors slept sorrowful and scared of what she could possibly do next. Ssebulime upon learning of Lucy’s demands thought she was still the same naive girl he used ...

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How I Was Robbed From A Guest House And Got Stranded At Bus Park

robbed in guest house stranded in bus park

Having been robbed in from a guest house in Kamwokya and with no more money left to live on, begging the bus driver was the only option. I walked all the way from Kamwokya to the park, my nearly empty backpack on the back and on my arrival, the bus brokers came rushing to me, asking where I was going ...

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How Lucy Attempted To Kill Her Former Boss

Lucy attempted to kill ex-boss

Lucy’s idea of teaching her unkind former boss a lesson worked just fine. Madam Nantongo had for a while thought Lucy was joking when she picked a panga not until she sliced off her wig. She made an alarm and in a single jump exited the house. She screamed her way to a police post where she reported that her ...

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