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Grooming Children Is A Challenge To Most Parents

Grooming children is every parent’s responsibility. It pleases all parents to have well-behaved child(ren) groomed in their families. For example when a visitor comes home in their absence and he/she is welcomed with open hands and warmly treated by the children in the family.

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Parents should take time to train their children responsibly as it was before in our African Traditional Society (ATS), when children were taught good manners in both homes and the society. So it’s the role of every parent to teach their children good manners.

Parents vs Society

Parents have played a big role in grooming children and so do the society they live in. This has been done in both negative and positive way, for example how the parents teach their children manners is relation to the society reveals children’s traits outside homes

The society has played a big role in grooming children, it either teaches them good or bad manners. For example, the experience they pass through outside their homes encourages them to either push on in life, behave well in the society or relate with different kinds of people.

Some parents give less time to their children as far as grooming them into better citizens is concerned, in this way they fail to learn their children’s nature and characters, what they like/dislike amongst others.

Like it used to be in ATS, the children belonged to the community and it was both the parent’s and community’s role to teach children good manners and how to relate with the society  at large. It was very hard for a child to learn bad behavior since both the parents and community were there for him/her hence groomed well.

Parents fight so hard to teach their children good manners so that they don’t embarrass them in the society since it’s the parent who suffers the blame in case of their children’s bad character. Through this, parents teach their children all kinds of good manners and go as far as seeking for assistance from their relatives to help them groom their children well.

Causes of bad manners

* Lack of parental love

* Peer pressure

* Bad influence

* Exposure to western culture

* Exposure to social media network

* Lack of concern amongst parents

Through the above, children have been misguided in different ways as far as grooming them into better citizens is concerned

Impacts of bad manners

What happens if a child isn’t groomed is it the best way by his parents or people concerned? In case of any bad behaviour in children, it may result into the following below;

* Disrespecting parents and the society

* indecency in dress cord and nature conduct

* Unwanted early pregnancies amongst girls

* Hatred between parents and their children

* School dropouts

* Dishonesty amongst children

If children are not well monitored by their own parents, they tend to learn a lot both good and bad manners as far as their lives are concerned as indicated above amongst others.

Areas that can guide parents in grooming children

Encouraging honesty

Parents should discourage their children in matters of gossiping and backbiting

Greeting visitors

Parents should train their children to greet visitors right from the youngest to the eldest in the family. This fills visitors with joy knowing the family they have come in is well-behaved

Polite address

Rudeness is an epidemic problem among the young generation, parents should teach their children to be apologetic, thank people regardless of age, sex, profession and respect their elders.

Careless talks

Children should be taught to mind their words though parents shouldn’t expect their children to learn good behavior in a short period of time, but with time they will catch up.

Parents should also teach their children how to give service to others, for example attending to their young siblings, helping their relatives in case of any visits amongst others. This is taught in homes by parents among others

There is a lot to do as far as grooming children is concerned and to a larger extent, parents play a big role in grooming children in the society starting from homes to the outside world.

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