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How To Pitch Or Market Your Business To Potential Investors

How To Pitch Or Market Your Business To Potential Investors

Today, I want to share some tips on how to pitch or market your business to either investors or to potential customers. I want to combine pitching and marketing in the sense that in some cases, you will need to market your business as you pitch it to the investor or customers.

The idea is to sell the product, or services to customers. If it is an investor, you need to win the confidence and get the investor to agree to put money in your business for the purpose of growth and expansion.

Ensure that you reveal the benefits of the customer or the investor if they are to buy or invest their money in your business. Don’t make a mistake of presenting your pitch to reveal your needs and your benefits alone. No one is interested in serving your sinking sheep. Business is not charity where people play with emotions and feelings for sympathy. Business is about numbers, potential, and profit.

I have people who come to me pitching their ideas or business concepts and reveal to me that they need help. I am not interested in helping you. If I am to participate in your business, I will need a partner, not a charity case.

People should not buy from you out of sympathy

Don’t make people buy from you out of sympathy, that silly kind of marketing. You should make people want to buy from because they see a benefit from your goods or services.

Most vendors would dress in poor clothes going to markets, hoping that people will buy out of sympathy. Yet that’s not the case. It is always good to buy from somewhere you see value and benefit out of your money.

When pitching your idea never use a concept such as, I am a widow, or an orphan or even reveal your struggling during a pitch because the moment you do that you lose value and you become a bugger, there is no successful person who would want to associate with buggers. Every successful person works very hard to protect his/her wealth, anything that threatens his/her wealth will be avoided at any costs and anything that adds value to his/her wealth is well embraced.

Never pitch your business with a concept of wanting help but pitch with the concept of wanting a partner, then show the benefits that your partner will enjoy if he/she is to invest in your business.

This is very difficult to understand, especially in Africa, because we come from a background where we used to receive and not give. If you want to prosper, you need to work very hard to remove the idea of receiving and replace it with the idea of independent and self-sufficient.

In my experience as an entrepreneur, I always pitch and market my brand. When given a moment to pitch, my first 30 seconds is enough to make the customer or the investor want to hear more about my business.

I first study the investor or the customer before the meeting so that I can go well prepared and know what to say.

When i met a South African billionaire

Yesterday, I met a billionaire business tycoon in Johannesburg. This is a busy person. I was told I had only a slot of 15 minutes to complete my discussions as he was leaving for Cape Town, in fact I was denied access at first but after my colleague who is based in Dubai pleaded on my behalf the importance of me meeting him, I was slotted 15 minutes.

As I walked in, we greeted, and the man said, “You brought us rain.” Because it started raining that same afternoon.

I just smiled and said yeah it’s a blessing that we have received rain, then I quickly switch to my agenda, I never wasted my time talking about rain because I didn’t fly all the way to South Africa to talk about rain.

In my first 30 seconds, I tried to be brief and summarize my pitch. In 2 minutes, he was in the picture of my intentions. After my pitch, I posed and gave room for questions, I was answering his questions very briefly without going around. Our conversation was very interesting. He got moments when he nodded his head while I was talking. That was a sign of agreeing to what I was saying.

He said to me, it makes sense, i will give you my manager to finalize the deal, but I will stay in touch.

The meeting that was meant to finish in 15 minutes ended up lasting for close to an hour. He extended the time because it was worth.

If you are talking sense, you will get the attention. If you are good with your numbers, you will get the investment.

Remember, business is not charity, serious people don’t do business out of sympathy, but they do business for profit. Be a good marketer of your business.

From Dr Marambire

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