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Sylvia’s Silent Revenge – Touching Relationship Story!

“Mark, this thing you are doing is nothing but pure wickedness from the pit of hell. You know you won’t marry this girl, but you keep using her like a sanitary pad. Karma is real by the way, tell Sylvia your intentions, break her heart now, stop prolonging this thing ”

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“Lewis, lower your voice eh, what is it? Yes I know I won’t marry her but she’s productive eh, who will do my laundry or give me all those small small money and stuffs? Please leave us alone ”

“Mark, may thunder, mixed with poop strike you. I’m sure you are among the boys that call girls gold diggers, but here you are, with a hoe and shovel, digging everything from that

innocent girl’s life. Is it a crime for a girl to genuinely love a man? Sometimes I wonder what is our problem ”

“Look, I won’t marry her and I won’t break up with her either, not now, not anytime soon. Even this rice that you are eating and that big meat you just terminated, she bought everything, let her stay and continue her work”

Lewis got tired of talking, he dropped his spoon and walked out of the house.

“Oh, you are going, go now idiot. I don’t know why you are taking the whole thing personal. Is Sylvia your girlfriend? Lunatic”. It’s been 7 years with Sylvia and she never gave him any reason to doubt her loyalty.

She is the perfect girlfriend and gave her all to make the relationship work, she rarely complained about anything and even when she caught him pants down with another girl, she cried bitterly and still forgave him.

Her friends accused her of being under a spell, “What did Mark give you, what did he give you?  Just see as your life bends like the Ugandan government. How can you fall so hopelessly in love with a man who cheats on you and rubs it on your face like a bleaching cream. Look Sylvia, you better leave this toxic relationship before you die of stupidity.

“I’m not under a spell and I’m sorry I can’t leave Mark, I don’t know how to unlove him. It’s like my soul is tied to him and whenever we have a fight, it’s not my heart alone that breaks, every part of me is broken. Please Evelyn, don’t judge me, I can’t help it.”

Evelyn drew her close to herself and comforted her as they both cried. She knows what it means to be in love. She also gave the better part of her life to a man who left her and got married to her younger sister and she’s not over him yet.

The secret she has never told her friends was that she slept with her ex recently, yes, she slept with her younger sister’s husband, so she knows what exactly Sylvia is going through.

Sylvia genuinely loved him and swore within herself not to ever leave Mark no matter what he does. Most times she chided herself for being stupid but she immediately brushes of the thought as silly.

She was cleaning his room one day and saw some used condoms in his wardrobe, he came out of the bathroom and when she confronted him about it he lied :

“Oh that, it’s my friend Jerry that used it,  I have warned him severally about this.”

“Baby, Jerry traveled two weeks ago.” Sylvia replied.

All of a sudden he became defensive and started accusing her of not trusting him enough.

“I’m tired of all this nonsense, why are you always checkmating my life? Are you my mother? What is wrong with you? If it’s not Jerry then it’s someone else.”

He puts on his boxers, wears his pants and shirt and storms out of the house, leaving her deep in tears and pain.

When it was time to go for internship, she begged him to let her do it in Kampala  where they are based but he refused.

“Go to Mbale, you have spent all your life here, go and explore other towns, you and I will still be together.” She eventually agreed after his reassuring words.

She called him everyday just to check up on him and never for once did he call. Whenever he did, it was to ask for money which she never said no to.

Most times when she calls him and he picks, she will hear a girl moaning and he would say it’s from the TV.  “Mark, when will you tell Sylvia about us? How long am I going to be the side chic?”

“For as long as you remain by my side. Tell Sylvia what? Is it not her money that we have been using to survive? What do you have except for big boobs and hips which I’m not even sure is genuine. You are sleeping with another person’s boyfriend then after you will go and say Gayle did bad in Acrimony. You are acting clueless like Bosco from the MTN MoMo advert. Look, Sylvia is my power bank for now so she goes nowhere, understood!!?”

For some days he didn’t get any call from Sylvia, though he was worried, he didn’t make any attempt to call her, he wasn’t broke yet..

Days turned into weeks and then a month passed and she still didn’t call him. He decided to call her but she never picked his call. Since he has never visited her before in Mbale, he didn’t know where to start looking for her.

For one month and ahalf, he called her constantly but she didn’t take the call. It was like that for almost 3months when she finally showed up at his place in Kampala unannounced and caught him with a girl on his bed.

He tried to defend himself by saying she caused it and that he wanted to come over to Mbale but she never took his calls.

She didn’t say a word to him, Sylvia walked straight to his wardrobe and cleared all her belongings there and handed him an envelope.

“Loverboy, you are invited to my wedding on the 19th of December, I hope you can read clearly. There will be enough food and drinks for you, it’s obvious that is what your life is all about. Look at your unkempt room, and all these shameless campus frogs you bring here. And they also sleep with you inside this dirty shithole you call a house. I have been silent meanwhile getting over you. For your information, my husband is not rich, but he knows what it means to take care of a woman and he appreciates me. I pray that you don’t go to the grave with an erection, uncircumcised Billy.”

She bid him farewell and walked majestically out of the house.

“Baby, it’s good for us now, let her go, I’m here for you.”

Hot tears trickled down his face, his eyes were as red as blood, he couldn’t move his feet, deep down he knew he just lost the best woman he has ever and might ever have.

“Gasiya, carry your smelling body and match out of  my house before I uproot your jaw with a slap.”

Mark couldn’t eat or sleep for days, and no, he didn’t attend the wedding, but Lewis his friend made sure to attend and sent him exclusive pictures of the groom kissing his bride Sylvia, Mark almost had a heart attack!!


That man or woman you treat like trash is someone’s prayer point. (Evangelicals understand this better.)

What you don’t treasure would be nurtured into greatness by someone else

Never take people for granted, you might just be teaching them how to survive without you.

There is nothing wrong in being in Love with someone, but just know when to walk out when you are not being treated right.

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